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"Belize is one of the least populated countries in the world."
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Why You Shouldn't Move to Latin America

Why You Shouldn

We’re sorry for the confusion; typically Where International is here to educate you on how, where and why you should move abroad, not why you shouldn’t

But there are folks out there that can talk themselves out of anything, including a life in paradise.

Today, we give you reasons not to move abroad and rebuttals that might give you that A-HA moment you’ve been waiting for…

Reason #1 – “I can’t afford it”

True, North America is still recovering from an economic disaster and your retirement fund was very likely hit. You’re likely thinking you can hardly afford to go on vacation, let alone live in one of those tropical destinations!

Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. You can live in Latin America for less then what you’re living on in North America. Depending on the location, you could even live on less then $1000 a month.  

But consider this as well… do you not owe it to yourself to see how exciting and fun-filled living in a new location can be?

Reason #2 – “I don’t want to leave my friends and family for good”

Well then… don’t! The beauty of living in this day in age is that technology has made the world a much smaller place. Unless you’re looking at an extremely remote area of a Latin American country, high-speed internet, telephone and cell phone service is available everywhere. In addition, your family and friends will likely be happy to have a ‘connection’ in a tropical destination and visit you regularly.

At the very least, why not consider keeping a ‘home base’ for yourself? If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent move you could spend part of the year in one home and the rest of the year in the other. You could even rent each home out during your absence to help offset costs! 

Reason #3 – “The timing isn’t right” 

The timing will never be right. 

Sure, life may seem easy and predictable the way it is right now, everyone loves routine, right? But where does that leave you at the end of your days? Telling stories of Price is Right reruns and when you got a new couch… not too exciting is it?

Think of all the people who consider starting a family (maybe even yourself!) and said the timing wasn’t right. If everyone waited for the ‘right time’, our planet would be in serious population decline…

The bottom line: if you’re thinking of moving abroad, don’t wait for the right time, just do it now and you’ll know once you’re there that the time was right. 

Reason #4 – “I only speak English”

Lucky you! Seeing as English is a worldwide language, you’re already one step ahead of many folks.

True, learning a new language is tough and it can be more difficult as you get older, but if you stick to areas that are populated or have already attracted other expats, you’ll have no problem getting by.

That being said, why not try learning another language? Put that crossword puzzle aside and consider alternate ways to exercise your brain. 

Reason #5 – “I need to make a living”

Similar to the ease of communicating with friends and family back in North America, today’s technology makes it easier then ever to make a living from anywhere in the world. All you need is the expertise you already have, a bit of imagination and some self-confidence.

As a matter of fact, it can almost be easier for you to earn a living abroad then in North America because you already have the experience, skills and contacts that locals don’t.

Reason #6 – “I don’t have the capital to make this kind of move”

You may be surprised to learn that you need very little capital to move abroad. Even if you only consider the money you’re currently shelling out to the government and the utility companies - both considerably less or even non-existent in Latin America – you’ll be ahead.  

If this is something you really want, you can pull the capital together. Honestly. Because you really don’t need a lot.

Reason #7 – “I’m too old” 

Are you still walking on this fair earth? If you are, then you’re not too old.

It might be easier or seem more reasonable to just stay put and watch those Price is Right reruns on your new couch until your final days. Or do you already have so much excitement in your life that a move would be too much? If that’s not the case, consider Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula (you can read more on this area of Costa Rica HERE). It’s considered a Blue Zone, where it’s not uncommon for people to live, full, happy and healthy lives right up to age 100… and beyond!

Reason #8 – “I’m too young” 

The only reason this could possibly be an excuse for you to not live in paradise, would perhaps have to do with earning an income. And as long as you have a computer and internet connection, this is not a valid excuse! If you’re even considering a move to a foreign country, but continue to make excuses, life will pass you by. Finding a way to earn an income is the easy part… pushing past the excuses and jumping in with both feet can be the hardest part. And unfortunately, if you’re having a hard time justifying it now, chances are it’ll just get harder the older you get. 

Reason #9 – “My kids have to finish school first”

Why? If you think your kids won’t receive quality education abroad, think again! Living and learning in a foreign country can provide a much broader scope of education then most North American schools can provide. And it’s not only the local children they can learn from. There are many people who live abroad as a family, meaning that your children will be exposed to cultures from around the world. It may initially be a difficult adjustment, depending on their age(s), but in the long run they will be incredibly appreciative that you didn’t allow them to be the reason you didn’t explore the world. To read about raising a family in Costa Rica, go HERE.

If you want to learn more about how you can visit a country before committing to a move, go HERE now to learn about our Discovery Weekends

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