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You Could Cut Costa Rica From the Rest of the World and it Would Still Survive

Mar 27, 2013

You Could Cut Costa Rica From the Rest of the World and it Would Still Survive

Buy why would you want to?! Costa Rica has so much to offer the rest of the world! And that’s just it… the rest of the world may miss having Costa Rica more then Costa Rica would miss the world…

Sustainable living is a term thrown around frequently in today’s world. As it should be… the more people who can become self-sustainable, the better. But it’s not easy, especially in North America. It takes a lot of work, time and space… all of which are difficult to just come up with out of nowhere. 

But what about if it’s been a way of life for many years? What if everyone was on the same page, and some only knew sustainability as the only way of life? It would certainly be easier to teach the next generation when previous generations have been practicing it, wouldn’t you say?

Welcome to Costa Rica… one of the most sustainable countries in the world. Third, in the world actually, behind Iceland and Switzerland, according to Yale and Columbia Universities Environmental Performance Index.

Although a major component, sustainability is so much more then just how a country ranks from an environmental standpoint. The ability to create, consume and dispose of goods and services, all within the same borders, is key to being self-sustainable. Costa Rica already has and does this, and it’s not a new idea… they’ve been on this bandwagon for many generations.

Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that Costa Rica is among the top-ranked tourist destinations in the world, but interestingly enough, it was originally the top-ranked ECO-tourism destination… it’s only been the past several years that more people have discovered it’s beauty beyond only eco-tourism. Or, is it that the world has simply come to realize that the environment is something to be cherished and protected, and that eco-tourism isn’t just trendy, it actually makes sense. Certainly food for thought…

And speaking of food, the agricultural business in Costa Rica makes up almost 7% of its GDP and 15% of its labor force. Thanks in part to the multiple growing conditions throughout the country, Costa Rica is able to produce a variety of produce and product - bananas, pineapples, coffee, sugar, rice, vegetables, tropical fruit, decorative plants & flowers, corn, potatoes, etc. All of what is grown and processed in Costa Rica can be exported, but the country benefits from these resources as well.

When talking about Costa Rica’s exports, it would be unfair to not discuss what the world contributes to this fine country. Aside from tourism, gasoline is definitely high on the list. But consider this… with a diverse group of tourism (specifically the high-end sort) and a huge expat population, the majority of imports to Costa Rica cater to foreigners. Specialty foods, clothing and electronics… local Costa Ricans don’t even buy these things! As a matter of fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a local with a TV or computer in their home, especially one that North Americans would consider ‘average’. This is simply not a part of their lifestyle. Free time is spent with friends and family, conversing, playing and enjoying the simple things in life.

As a foreigner considering a move to Costa Rica, it’s important to keep all of this in mind. No doubt about it, by choosing to purchase in this country, you’ve already helped the local economy, especially if you choose to purchase from Mike and Judy with Pacific Blue or Marcel with Pacific Properties. Both of these developers are extremely conscious of the local communities and realize that their success in this country is due in large because of the local people. In addition, both developers have set aside hundreds of acres on their properties that will remain undeveloped, ensuring local flora and fauna are undisturbed and can continue to enjoy their natural habitats.

Think you could see yourself living in Costa Rica? Why not visit Pacific Blue or Pacific Properties on a Discovery Weekend… for only $299, you will enjoy 4 nights, food and beverages and full tours of the developments and surrounding communities.

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