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"Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos (males) or Ticas (females)."
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Yes, Costa Rica Has Snakes and Spiders. Get Over it...

Jan 07, 2014

Yes, Costa Rica Has Snakes and Spiders. Get Over it...

Just like any other country in the world, Costa Rica has its share of pros and cons. But what it comes down to is how you face and embrace both the good and the bad. How can you do this? By visiting! It’s the only way you’ll know if Costa Rica is the place for you. Go HERE now to book your Discovery Weekend.


No matter where you live in the world right now, you likely take mini getaways… maybe you head to a cottage for a week in the summer, go the rustic route and take off camping in the great outdoors or escape for a weekend of skiing at your favorite mountain. The question is; would you still partake in these fun, family activities if you knew of all dangers lurking around every corner? 

Between rattlesnakes, bears (black, brown, grizzly, polar), avalanches, bees and wasps, ticks, poison oak and ivy, leeches, snakes and spiders (yes, North America has them too!) it’s amazing anyone even leaves their home! But you do… and unless you know you have a severe allergy, you do so without putting much thought into what you might face while enjoying the great outdoors.

That being said, you’re smart about it, right? When you go camping, you keep your food locked in your car or up in the trees – never in your tent. If you’re headed on a hike or snowshoe, you plot your course, take a map, tell people where you’re going, etc. Live in the city? Between maniac drivers (possibly impaired) and crime, you have enough to worry about without us reminding you about the huge rats and cockroaches. Live in the country? Creepy crawlers are everywhere… inside and outside. There’s also snowstorms and freezing rain for those in the north, and if you live rurally, heading out before the plow hits the roads after a snowstorm can be scarier then any snake or spider! 

The point is, yes… Costa Rica has snakes and spiders. But if that’s what’s stopping you from making it your permanent or temporary home, you are not, quite frankly, ready to go anywhere. The truth of the matter is that anywhere you go, you’re going to encounter wildlife… including the creepy crawly variety. But common sense and being aware of your surroundings can dramatically decrease the amount of fauna you come in contact with. It’s also important to know that the amount of poisonous/deadly creatures living in Costa Rica is few. Yes, spiders are creepy… but being bit by a spider in Costa Rica is rare, and the odds that it will be deadly are slim to non. And the same goes for snakes. In all cases, the snake will be more scared of you then you of it. But, on the rare occasion that you do see a snake, stay away! It’s really as simple as that. Unless you’re turning up piles of wood and debris or trekking through a remote forest, you won’t be in danger of snakes during your time in Costa Rica.

Another point to consider; both of our Costa Rican developers (Nicoya Peninsula and Southern Zone) are building homes to North American standards, and maintaining as much natural space as possible. This is important to remember because the odds of anything overly frightening getting into your home are significantly reduced. By maintaining forested areas surrounding the developments (hundreds of acres, to be precise), these developers have made it their priority to not displace wildlife. Because of this, the ecosystem stays nice and balanced, creating a harmonious environment for everyone and thing.

But who are we to say the developers are doing the right thing? Maybe they’re clear-cutting and throwing up matchstick houses by the dozens! Of course, this isn’t true… we know, because we’ve been there. We’ve toured the developments, explored the forested areas and haven’t seen any creatures in obscure areas. Now it’s YOUR turn! Visit the Nicoya Peninsula or the Southern Zone – or both! – On a Discovery Weekend. It’s your opportunity to check things out for yourself and see if Costa Rica is your future short or long-term home.

Go HERE for the Nicoya Peninsula

Go HERE for the Southern Zone

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