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Why Just Vacation in Costa Rica When You Can Live There!

Dec 04, 2012

Why Just Vacation in Costa Rica When You Can Live There!

Imagine yourself on an amazing tropical beach, bathing in the sunlight, with gentle waves lapping against your toes. If you are a passionate golf player and you long for trying out some of the most exquisite golf courses on this earth, then Costa Rica is for you. It also offers you the opportunity to try amazing water sports like surfing, rafting, snorkeling and diving, where you can admire the coral reef and catch a glimpse of the tropical fish.

The ocean is not the only source of entertainment in Costa Rica, its rivers being real treasures for tourists willing to explore the green rainforests, to hear tropical birds singing and to spot rare species like macaws and toucans.

The tired guests can then find some peace at dinner in the restaurants abundant in seafood, wine and exotic fruits, especially since all these can be served on private terraces, while admiring the sunset. Costa Rica is a paradise of adventure, fun, beauty and fine cuisine waiting to be discovered.

Come and discover Costa Rica and all it has to offer on a Discovery Weekend! You'll get a true feel for what it's like to be a part of the local culture and can make the final decision yourself on whether it's your paradise.

Costa Rica - The Perfect Vacation Spot

Recently Costa Rica’s fame grew and the world began to hear its name mentioned more often. This does not come as a surprise, considering the millions of people who enjoyed the vacations of their life here, taking in the entertainment, lush beaches, amazing flora and fauna and breathtaking landscapes this country has to offer.

Whether you come accompanied by your family or you just want an adventure with your friends, Costa Rica has something for everybody. It is a country with resorts fit for ecotourism, with romantic spots for lovers and with fantastic beaches that lure you to bathe and enjoy the sun.

It is a peaceful country and its natives and residents are said to be the “happiest people in the world”, being renowned for their friendly, outgoing attitude, as well as for their willingness to help visitors and make their stay enjoyable.

Ideal Temperature and Climate All Year Round

Costa Rica’s climate seems perfect for vacationers, especially for visitors coming from North America and Europe. Although it is a tropical climate, due to the country’s geographical location very close to the equator, temperatures do not vary that much, the average daily temperature starting from 22 degrees Celsius (that is 72 degrees Fahrenheit) in the central region and reaching up to 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit) in the coastal areas.

Costa Rica has 2 seasons: dry, from late December until April, and rainy, from May to November. This is considered to be by far one of the best climates in the world, as you do not need heating or air conditioning and you can stay away from the cold snowy winters or the hot burning summers with a year round spring-like season.

Costa Rica Is Well Connected to North America and Europe

Like most tropical destinations, Costa Rica is well connected to the coast of North America through regular flights. It’s possible to travel to Miami or Fort Lauderdale in less than three hours. There are also many direct flights to European cities, making Costa Rica within easy reach for people all over the world.

Vacationing or Living in Costa Rica is Very Affordable.

Whether you chose Costa Rica for vacation purposes or you plan a long-term move, what you will find different compared to North America and Europe are the very low prices. The cost of living, the services (including transportation, hired help), and recreational activities are very affordable, at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay in North America or Europe.

You can relax with your friends or family in a luxurious restaurant and gorge on exotic fruits, vegetables and seafood, you can take any tour available or enjoy the private pools and spa centers.

Costa Rica, an Exceptional Ecotourism Destination

It is reputed as being the “greenest country in the world” and, with over 9,000 species of flowering plants, 1,400 species of stunning orchids, 800 species of ferns and 30 species of birds of paradise, Costa Rica shelters six percent of the world's biodiversity, easily making it a paradise for nature lovers.

About 20 percent of the land of Costa Rica is ecologically protected. It is an ideal destination for those who love bird watching, hiking, nature lovers and for anybody who wants to relax in one of the most beautiful corners of the earth.

Enjoy Costa Rica’s Inviting Beaches or Water Adventures

Costa Rica is attracting more and more tourists as the years go by. Its beautiful beaches, with smooth sand and crystal clear waters are the perfect place for both relaxation and sports. If you prefer to bathe in the sun and listen to the waves, then the beach is perfect, but, if you are more adventurous and you like water sports, then you have reached the ideal spot.

Snorkeling, canoeing, rafting, surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, sport fishing are all activities to keep you entertained. There are a lot of things you can do inland too, like canopy tours, horseback riding, golfing and mountain biking, all at your disposal once you reach Costa Rica.

Costa Rica – The Home of the Profitable Real Estate Investments

Once you have been to Costa Rica, you will most likely wish to return, again and again. That is why buying a vacation house or even moving here for good is an excellent idea. The real estate market in Costa Rica is very affordable, at least compared to North America and Europe.

You can actually get a house for less than $100,000. You should hurry though, as more and more people are attracted and informed about Costa Rica, it’s only a matter of time until the real estate prices go up. Currently, there are still a lot of advantages to you:

  • If you enjoy travelling to tropical destinations you can simply stay in your own holiday house rather than spend money on a hotel room.

  • You can buy an affordable holiday house with low property taxes and rent it for the period when you do not use it.

  • The real estate market can be a safe investment for your savings.

  • A holiday house in Costa Rica can be your retirement location in a magnificent place where people live long, healthy and happy lives.

  • Everything, from food to transportation and even luxury items, is more affordable than in the US and Europe.

  • If you are close to retirement and you think that the prices might escalate, then it is time to make a move.

Come and discover Costa Rica and all it has to offer on a Discovery Weekend! You'll get a true feel for what it's like to be a part of the local culture and can make the final decision yourself on whether it's your paradise.

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