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"Costa Rica's main traditional export products are banana, coffee, meat and sugar."
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Why We Hate Honduras!

Jun 07, 2013

Why We Hate Honduras!

Honduras has the warm, turquoise Caribbean and powder-white sand… Honduras has mountains blanketed with lush rainforest that trail all the way down to the beach… Honduras has incredibly friendly locals that will go out of their way to help you… and, Honduras has Trujillo; a charming colonial town privy to all of these incredible natural features.

So maybe ‘hate’ is a strong word… perhaps we’re really just jealous. After all, it has so much going for it! And we don’t just mean the beautiful weather and scenery; it also has exceptionally affordable property… 

Honduras’ mainland is sometimes viewed in a negative light, and although we have a soft spot for it, we’re not completely jaded by its beauty. We know it has it’s challenges (what country doesn’t?!).  

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

North Americans, many being Canadian, are discovering the underestimated and undervalued country that is Honduras. Specifically the charming area of Trujillo, located on the coveted Caribbean Sea.

Trujillo has a vast history (go HERE to read more about the history of Trujillo) and has no shortage of historic sites to visit. With a population for the entire area of about 30,000 it’s considered a ‘small town’. You can tour the historic downtown, purchase your everyday living necessities (2 lb’s of broccoli for $0.50? Ok!) And enjoy a very affordable meal from a variety of restaurant options. You’ll quickly realize when touring around the area – especially when visiting some of the local restaurants – that you’re not the only person from out of the country with a dream to live in paradise… businesses and restaurants owned by other expats enjoying the ‘simple life’ have settled in and made themselves at home in this quaint corner of Honduras.

If you’re more interested in exploring Trujillo’s natural side, Mounts Capira and Calentura rise up behind town, providing a stunning backdrop and some excellent hiking opportunities. It’s also nice to know that if you do choose to make Trujillo your permanent or vacation home, these mountains won’t change. Thanks to funding – predominantly from Canada – they have been made into a national park, ensuring protection from development of any kind.

As wonderful as Trujillo is, we may as well come out with it… beautiful scenery and friendly people aside, Honduras is a tropical country and so it does have a rainy season. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Those lush, tree-covered mountains we mentioned earlier? They need rain to stay that way. Thankfully, the rainy season is only from about August – November, and even then it’s not a non-stop, rain all day, everyday kind of rain (go HERE to read more about weather in Honduras).

Naturally, like anywhere else on this fair globe (granted, some places worse then others), Honduras struggles with poverty, corruption and gang violence. That being said, there are certainly some areas of the country that in a worse state then others. Common sense and vigilance are always your best weapons to arm yourself against violent or dangerous situations. For example, venturing aimlessly in some of the large cities at night or while carrying anything of significant value is not recommended.

We are not naïve or uninformed to the possibility of danger in Honduras. Instead, we choose to focus on this beautiful country’s positive attributes – of which there are no shortages! In addition, the area of Trujillo is considered a ‘small town’, and isn’t a destination for dangerous criminals.

Making the decision to live either full or part time in Honduras has to be done with an open mind. Expecting that your surroundings are going to be exactly like they were at ‘home’ is unrealistic. Remember that you’re embarking on a new adventure! If you’ve never lived abroad before, the first change you need to make is your mind-set… can’t find a specific grocery item at the local market? Oh well, at least you come home to a sparkling clean house that cost the same as your typical daily Starbucks bill. Lost your internet connection for a couple of hours? Why not head outside with a good book or magazine, work on your Spanish or consider learning how to play the guitar or ukulele. There will always be pros and cons with living internationally. Just always remember… it’s an adventure. Sure there will be frustrations and annoyances, but you had them back home too – remember? They’re just in a different form in Honduras… and masked by spectacular weather, breathtaking scenery and exceptionally low daily overhead.

Paul and Lucia of Caribbean Lots would love to show you around the Trujillo area. All of their home designs are to North American standards, making for an easy transition from the creature comforts you’re used to - maybe even better!  

For only $299, you can visit Trujillo on a Discovery Weekend. You will be picked up at the airport, provided accommodation and food and beverages. You’ll be shown incredible property overlooking the magnificent Caribbean Sea or the verdant mountains… your choice. And with prices between $55,000 and $85,000, it’s easier to justify the inevitable give and take of living in a new country.

Go HERE now to learn more about a Discovery Weekend in Trujillo, Honduras!

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