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"Costa Rica is the longest-standing democracy in Central America"
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Why the Heck Would You Want to Live in Honduras?!

Apr 19, 2013

Why the Heck Would You Want to Live in Honduras?!

So you’ve been saving your hard-earned pennies to give yourself a decent retirement… or maybe you’re sick of the rat-race and figure the majority of your business is done on-line anyway, why not do it somewhere with an affordable view… or, perhaps you realize that it’s time your family step away from the ‘norm’ and experience the world a bit… we could go on, but the truth is, everyone has their own reasons for moving abroad.

Regardless of your reason(s) for looking at International real estate, there are many parts of the world that offer a refuge or escape from North America. However, if affordability and proximity to family and friends ‘back home’ are at the top of your ‘must haves’ list, Honduras may just fit the bill.

But why the heck would you want to live in Honduras?! Isn’t it dangerous? Don’t they get hurricanes? What are the people like? Is there anything to do there?

All very valid questions… and because Where International is here to help educate and enlighten you about various countries to live in abroad, we don’t want to lead anyone astray or misinform.

Keeping it All in Perspective

When you’re considering your options for International real estate, it’s so important to remember to keep it all in perspective. After all, if someone from Honduras was considering a move to the US or Canada, imagine them asking if it’s dangerous, or what the weather is like or what the people are like. You know yourself what your answer would be… it depends on where you go, what you’re doing and who you’re interacting with. Well, the same can be said for Honduras.

Except, Honduras shares over 600 km’s with the warm, crystalline Caribbean Sea, has beautiful white-sand beaches and is home to some of your favorite grocery-store fruits. Not to mention, it’s rich history, beautiful colonial cities, Mayan ruins and some of the best scuba diving in the world. It’s pretty hard for Toronto, New York or Detroit to measure up to those characteristics!

When you contemplate purchasing property in Honduras, keep in mind that it’s not going to be like the town or city you come from in North America. But, hang on, isn’t that exactly what you’re trying to get away from?! 

Honduras is incredibly affordable, but that’s almost like a bonus. That’s not the only reason you should move there… Hondurans celebrate a slower pace of life. No one is ever in a rush to do anything and there’s not much that if it’s not done today, can’t be done tomorrow.

You can pick your fruit salad from your back yard, check your e-mails or do any other internet work (internet and cell phone reception are easily accessed), go fishing for your dinner (or purchase fresh fish from a local fisherman for cut-rate prices), ride your bike into town, drive (or hop a bus) to a major city for quality healthcare or shopping malls or simply relax on your deck with a good book and enjoy the view. (For spectacular deals on beachfront property in Honduras, go HERE to learn more. Views of the Caribbean starting at $85,000!).

As for severe weather, Honduras is actually a really safe place to be to not get hit by a hurricane. Although hurricane season is considered to be September and October, Honduras rarely gets hit directly. That being said, even tropical storms or hurricanes taking place far-off can send heavy rain Honduras’ way and can cause flooding or minor mudslides. This is just part of life in this part of the world though… similar to freezing rain and snowstorms in the northern areas of North America. Plus, rain is always a good thing wherever you live! How else will your gardens and fruit trees stay happy and healthy?

Overall, when you’re looking for an alternate or new residence in a warm, laid-back and affordable country, a better question may be, why the heck wouldn’t you consider Honduras?

To experience Honduras for yourself, go HERE to read about the town of Trujillo and surrounding areas. There’s a wonderful new community, Caribbean Lots, being built for people looking to discover the laid-back way of life, just like you.

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