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"80% of Honduras is mountainous"
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Why Is Everyone Leaving Costa Rica?

Nov 26, 2013

Why Is Everyone Leaving Costa Rica?

Costa Rica gets a bad rep… ‘Its overpriced!’, ‘All the developers are scammers!’, ‘It’s dangerous!’ And so on and so forth… if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of buying property in Costa Rica, or even just investigated the options, you’ve likely heard your share of feedback about this beautiful country.

The truth is… all of these things are true. That’s right, you heard us correct; it is overpriced, there are scammers and it can be dangerous. The thing is, if you know where to go and who to buy from, you eliminate your risks ten-fold. That’s where we come in… we don’t just pick any joe-schmo who’s selling cheap real estate and ask if they want to partner up with us. No, we’ve met with and put our two Costa Rican developers through the ringer to confirm their authenticity, history and have randomly spoke with their onsite clients. These guys are legit… they’ve been developing and building in Costa Rica for over 40 years between them respectively, and quite frankly, with their history, they can’t afford to screw up! Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourself on a Discovery Weekend; either on the Nicoya Peninsula or in the Southern Zone. They were here before it was the ‘top retirement location’, so they secured thousands of acres at a fraction of what that same land would be available at today… and you get to benefit from that.

As far as the country itself goes, it doesn’t need any help promoting it’s beautiful beaches, tropical weather and friendly inhabitants. But if you’ve never been, you’ll never know. You can either take our word for it, or visit yourself, but it truly is as stunning as the pictures look, your neighbor tells you or what you see online.

Ok, so you might be asking yourself, “what about the hoards of tourists? Or the over-abundance of developers raping the land to build mansions for all the gringos moving down there?” And you wouldn’t be chastised by us for thinking that way… in fact, with the ‘hype’ surrounding Costa Rica as an ‘ideal’ retirement destination, we really can’t blame anyone for thinking that… 

An interesting phenomenon that we have discovered is that people searching for that perfect location in paradise, want it all. They want solitude, but also a social network; they want to be off the beaten path; but also close to amenities. It’s a fine line to find a location - not just in Costa Rica, but anywhere in Latin America for that matter - that can deliver on all fronts… but we’re not new to this. We know people want it all! That’s why we chose the two locations we did – the Nicoya Peninsula and the Southern Zone. Both of these areas of Costa Rica have the perfect combination of development and remoteness, of privacy and social entertainment.

The bottom line… we are not in the business of telling you about a spectacular location to live abroad, only to have you ‘Discover’ it and find that it’s nothing like what we told you or what our pictures indicated. Costa Rica really is beautiful, it really is friendly and it really does have affordable real estate… if you know where to look.

Discover Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula - serene, high-rise free, easily accessible and yes… it’s still a very affordable area of this spectacular country! Go HERE to learn more.

Discover Costa Rica’s Southern Zone - lush, community-oriented, off the beaten path and yes… also still a very affordable area of this beautiful country!Go HERE to learn more.

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