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"The five stars on the Honduran flag represents the five countries in Central America. "
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Why Costa Rica Should be on Your 'Hit List'

Feb 05, 2013


Discover and explore the region, meet the people who already live there and have a sampling of what your future could be like. Join us on a Discovery Weekend for only $299. Included is your accommodation, all of your meals and travel around the area. Click HERE to receive more information and to contact the developer!

Costa Rica is no stranger to visitors and expatriates from around the world, whether it be for a holiday or to live full time.

Today, we explore 10 reasons why you should definitely consider buying a home in this tropical paradise!

1.         Peace, Democracy and Stability. Costa Rica eradicated their army back in 1949, so it has no standing army.

2.     Climate. You can say sayonara to the cold and snow in the northern hemisphere. Costa Rica enjoys warm temperatures year-round averaging in the 20s and 30s along the coasts. This type of weather is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast looking to swim, snorkel, kayak, hike, fish, bird watch or horseback ride all year.

3.     Medical Care. Thanks to top-notch hospitals, such as Clinica Biblica and CIMA, both located in Costa Rica’s capital of San Jose; reliable, affordable and quality healthcare is incredibly accessible. In fact, Costa Rica is known for medical and dental tourism because of this. Procedures that would cost thousands in the US are a fraction of the cost in Costa Rica and in most cases the doctors and dentists will arrange everything for you. When you live here, a small fee of about $50 a month will cover your private medical care. 

4.     Location. Proximity to the US and Canada are huge draws for people looking to live in a year-round warm climate, and Costa Rica delivers. Not only is it close distance-wise, it’s easy and affordable to fly from all major cities. You can usually book a direct flight and be given a variety of airlines offering Costa Rica on their roster.  

5.     Safety. When you’re researching a new country to live in, it’s easy to get sucked into all the negative crime stories in that country. However, if you were to do the same kind of search for where you’re currently living, would you see a similar pattern? You likely would. Unless you frequent areas that are targeted by criminals, it’s highly improbable that you will come face to face with crime. Costa Rica is a peace-loving democracy, there’s a reason they abolished their army!

6.     Residency Options. Costa Rica doesn’t make it too difficult to become a resident. For example, if you’re able to prove you have an annual income of $1000, you can become a resident. Click HERE for a more in depth report on residency in Costa Rica.

7.     Breathtaking Beauty. There’s no doubt about it; Costa Rica epitomizes paradise. From towering volcanoes, crater lakes and cascading waterfalls to pristine beaches, lush rainforest and an incredible mountain ridge that weaves its way through the middle of the country. Almost half of the country is designated as natural park or reserve and it’s home to some fantastic, exotic wildlife. You’ll see brightly colored tree frogs, scarlet macaws, friendly tapirs and howling monkeys.

8.     Quality of Life. Not only does Costa Rica top the Happiness Index – a gauge of health, life satisfaction and environmental footprint – but also, almost a quarter of the country, located on the Nicoya Peninsula, is considered a Blue Zone. This denotes an area that the people live quality, happy lives well into and beyond their 90s. In addition to all the happiness and longevity, Costa Rica is a very laid-back country. People don’t allow stress to become a part of their lives, and they put a huge emphasis on enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. There is also an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, making a healthy diet easy and affordable. 

9.     Economy. There’s no doubt about it, tourism is at the top of the list for Costa Rica. 2012 was a record year for tourism with over 2.3 million tourists visiting the country. But large corporations are also seeing the benefit of setting up shop in Costa Rica. Providing hundreds of jobs to locals, both Intel and Hewlett Packard are just a couple of international companies opening their doors in Costa Rica.

10. Affordability. Healthcare isn’t the only affordable necessity in Costa Rica. You’ll only pay around 0.25% in property taxes, meaning that it’s about $400 a year on your $160,000 property. In addition, because salaries are so low, you can find inexpensive help to assist with caring for your home and yard.

It’s possible for you to live in this incredible country that truly does have everything you need – and then some!

Find out how you can explore your own piece of affordable paradise in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula…

Discover and explore the region, meet the people who already live there and have a sampling of what your future could be like. Join us on a Discovery Weekend for only $299. Included is your accommodation, all of your meals and travel around the area. Click HERE to receive more information and reserve your spot!

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