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"It only takes 3 hours (car) or 45 min (plane) to travel from one coast of Costa Rica to the other!"
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Why Consider Ecuador?

Mar 28, 2013

Why Consider Ecuador?

With so many amazing destinations for a second home or retirement destination, you may be thinking, “why Ecuador?” Well, aside from incredibly affordable properties, its got geographical diversity hard to find in other areas of Latin America.

In Ecuador’s most popular cities, Quito (the capital) and Cuenca (to the south), daytime temperatures stay around the 22-25 degree mark all year. In most people’s eyes, that’s considered ‘perfect’. You can wear shorts and t-shirts, but can function without melting. In the evening the temperature drops to 15-18 degrees, making for ideal sleeping weather. If you want or prefer the heat, simply head towards the coast, but it never gets as hot and humid as say, a Florida summer. 

Ecuador Ticks All the Boxes 

Calm, healthy, secure and polite… all appropriate and accurate adjectives to depict Ecuador. Quality of life is more then just a euphemism here, Ecuador is a country where your quality of life will actually increase the longer you live in it. A stark contrast to North America where it seems that violence, materiel greed and unhealthy living are all becoming mainstream, despite some people’s best efforts. This is only part of why Ecuador is a perfect place to retire or purchase a vacation home… you can reinvent yourself, and will have no trouble finding like-minded people in the process. 

A Long, Healthy Life in Ecuador 

Long before walk-in clinics and 24-hour drugstores, Mother Nature’s natural remedies soothed our aches and pains, calmed our angst and warded off illness. But as development advances, as it has in the last century and continues to every day, synthetic medicines replace natural remedies. This is true in most of the world… except Ecuador. (Don’t get us wrong, Ecuador has incredible medical facilities, go HERE to learn more about Ecuador’s healthcare).

Fresh, organic fruit and vegetables are available everyday, at every corner. Pace of life is slower, so walking or biking are the more popular modes of transportation. You’re not stuck in traffic for hours each day, time much better spent with friends and family. Instead of being cooped up in an office cubicle, you work from you deck or poolside, soaking up revitalizing Vitamin D in the process. Essentially, just ‘living’ in Ecuador will make you healthier, notwithstanding any of the natural remedies the locals have been using for generations. 

It’s interesting to note that although Ecuador is much more (financially) poor then the US, both countries have the same life expectancy. Just further proof that living healthy – good food and exercise – are all you really need. 

Secluded, yes – Isolated, no 

Affordable property is only one reason why you should consider Ecuador. After all, it’s easy enough to find affordable real estate all over Latin America, or the world, for that matter. But, it’s another story to find affordable property in a country that can give you everything you could possibly want or need! Golfing on stunning courses, so uncrowded you don’t ever have to make a tee time? Gourmet meals in urban centers that cost the same as a bottle of water and appetizer in Toronto or New York? Exotic, organic fruits and veggies, which you’d be lucky to find in specialty North American shops, for pocket change? Yes! All of this is available to you in Ecuador. 

If you like to travel, and feel like living in a secluded corner of Latin America won’t give you as many opportunities to see the world, think again. With your home costing you so little, and with two International airports (including a brand new one in Quito that just opened in February 2013), it’s easy to explore the world right from your back yard.  

Wondering about the technology in Ecuador? It certainly hasn’t gone by the wayside… just like the rest of the world, everyone owns a cell phone. You can have internet access installed in your home, and cable TV, with all the major US networks, is easy enough to acquire. 

So, why consider Ecuador? Well, regardless of whether you prefer the sandy shores and the crashing waves of the Pacific or the peaceful mountain valleys with warm days and cool nights… the hustle and bustle of an urban centre or a rural retreat where there isn’t a neighbor in site, Ecuador can deliver.

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