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What I Hate About Living on Ecuador's Coast...

Feb 07, 2014

What I Hate About Living on Ecuador

Ecuador continues to top the ‘Retire Abroad’ lists, and it’s not without merit. Beautiful landscapes, friendly people, a stable government with improving the country’s infrastructure top of mind; all very valid reason’s why, if you’re thinking of living somewhere else, Ecuador should be on your ‘hit list’.

Of course, making a big decision like buying property abroad should never be done sight-unseen… that’s where Where International comes in! Visit Ecuador’s spectacular coastal region on a Discovery Weekend and get ready to fall prey to the spell this country has cast on all of those already living here…

One of those people has shared her story with us. Thanks to Julie who sent us this article about her choice to move to Ecuador’s coast… 

By: Julie Sweet 

‘Hate’ is such a strong word, isn’t it? I suppose I could have chose something a bit less abrasive, but since there are so few aspects of Ecuador’s coast that I ‘hate’, I’m going to stick with it.

First things first though, the abridged version of my story includes a divorce, my son moving to a new city and a milestone birthday…

I’d never planned to leave Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). I loved the changing seasons – yes, even winter! – And with my line of work (fashion writer, blogger and retail worker), it meant plenty of change, both within my job and my own personal closet.

But one can simply not predict the future, and although I’m pretty good at enjoying the moment, I felt big changes looming… 

It began with my son’s graduation from university. He finished near the top of his class and was offered a job that would take him to Toronto… I was proud and sad all at once. He took the job, and began preparing for his big move. I knew my marriage was in trouble, and despite trying to work things out, we chose to (amicably) split. Fast-forward 5 months, and here I am… alone in my home,
gearing up for my first solo winter, getting ready to celebrate my 60th birthday and reassessing my life’s path.

One of my (still married) girlfriends had suggested we go on a trip sometime through the winter to help ease the cold… somewhere warm, somewhere ‘different’ (we’re not the all-inclusive type), somewhere that adventure and relaxation could be combined and somewhere that wouldn’t put us in the poor house! At the time I wasn’t sure, but as November came in ‘like a lion’, I told her I was in.

She chose the destination, and I was both surprised and a bit confused when she told me we’d be going to Ecuador. ‘Ok…’ was my reply, with a bit of a sideways look. She rattled off all the places we could explore – the Amazon, the Galapagos, the historic cities, the coast… she’d sold me. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We felt safe from the moment we arrived, and despite some wrong turns (we rented our own vehicle and were our own guides), had an incredible 3-week adventure.

From the moment we landed, I loved Ecuador. Quito was lovely, as was Guayaquil, but I was captivated by the coast… long stretches of uninterrupted beach. Fishing villages, charming towns and always friendly, welcoming people.

Despite my girlfriend’s apprehension, I idly chatted with a couple of developers along Ecuador’s coast. I couldn’t help it! I got sucked in… and I realized I was ready for a change. A big change.

We ended up doing most of what we had wanted to while on our Ecuador vacation… it was a whirlwind, but it was exactly what I needed. In fact, I don’t really think I knew just how much I needed it until I got there.

I continued to stay in contact with one of the developer’s I’d met, just north of the city of Salinas. I bought a home from him and was continually impressed with the level of professionalism and contact he maintained with me. Most of my friends, including my ex-husband and son, thought I’d lost my marbles, but I ignored them all and assured them I’d be fine. 

And fine I am. That was 2 years ago. I love my coastal home in Ecuador. I’m still able to work on my blog and continue to write fashion articles – of course, I had to give up my retail gig, but the biggest perk, and the reason I even stayed there, was the clothing discounts anyway!

So what is it that I ‘hate’ about this wonderful new life of mine? I hate that I can’t wear all the cute boots I used to own… I hate that I have no use for my beautiful scarves and matching hats… I hate missing out on ‘sweater weather’ in September and October. But you know what? I’m willing to compromise… I make a trip home to Canada each year, usually for a month or two at a time, and usually for the months of August and September, two of the best times to visit the ‘Great White North’, in my opinion anyway.

See if Ecuador feels right to you… visit on a Discovery Weekend and get your boots (not your winter boots, of course!) on the ground.  

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