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Unexpected Indulgences in Costa Rica's Southern Zone

Mar 18, 2013

Unexpected Indulgences in Costa Rica

As the morning sun peeks over the trees and mountains, the familiar sights and sounds of another glorious Costa Rican morning greet you. But it’s the smell of fresh-baked bread that may ultimately bring you into the town of Ojochal.

Still warm and always crispy, fresh baguettes from the bakery go marvelously well with a soft, smooth gourmet cheese from the deli next door. Which, incidentally, is also where you may want to pick up your wine or even champagne for later. If you went by smell and description alone, you might feel you weren’t in a tropical paradise, but instead on the cobblestoned streets of Europe…

Welcome to Costa Rica’s Southern Zone; a diverse mix of true Costa Rica and snippets of the rest of the world. Of course, you’re able to dine on the delicious traditional Costa Rican food of rice, salad beans and chicken, but if you wish to change it up a bit you can find a variety of other restaurants offering everything from French and German to Italian and organic. Indulge in a latte from the coffee shop or share an authentic wood-fired pizza with friends.

You may be wondering how such a small, off-the-beaten path town could offer up such goodies… it no doubt has something to do with foreigners braving their way to this part of the country, falling in love with area, and setting roots.

However, these days making your way to the Southern Zone of Costa Rica isn’t only for the brave. With an excellent highway – finished in 2010 – and talks of turning the small, local airport into one that can accept International flights, this area of Costa Rica is attracting people looking to own their own piece of paradise.

And this brings us back to the wonderful, worldly treats you can enjoy here. You see, aside from those individuals that ‘braved’ their way down to this part of Costa Rica many years ago, there are now communities of expats who have purchased land, built homes and are either enjoying their retirement or building a business in a much more laid-back manner then they may have in North America. Go HERE to learn about our developer partner Marcel, with Pacific Properties, and how you can visit.

Costa Rica’s Southern Zone is a hotbed for scenery, wildlife and wilderness. The landscapes are breathtaking – shimmering ocean views, rich tropical rainforests, majestic mountains jutting into a deep blue sky and unspoiled beaches as far as the eye can see. You don’t have to go far to find a deserted beach where you can enjoy a private picnic, enjoy the warm ocean waters or simply soak up some Vitamin D.

But, don’t be fooled by the quaintness that the village of Ojochal emanates or the endless wilderness that surrounds it. This area of Costa Rica has everything you require for everyday living – aside from the wonderful culinary offerings. A hardware store, doctor and dentist’s office, supermarket and a gas station are all readily available. In addition, it’s also conveniently located near the brand new, modern Hospital de Osa.

Although the Southern Zone may still seem a bit far – 3 hours by car from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose – for the ‘regular’ tourist, it is every bit worth the trip. And if you’re considering a property purchase, chances are you’ll appreciate the privacy the distance grants you, not to mention it being a very likely reason for still-affordable real estate. It’s possible to purchase property here for as little as $40,000, and with continued talks of an International airport, these prices will definitely not last.

If you want to visit Costa Rica’s Southern Zone for yourself, take advantage of a Discovery Weekend! For only $299 you can experience this secluded paradise for yourself. This includes your accommodation for 3 nights, food and beverage, tour of the area, including the local amenities, and immersion into the local culture.

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