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The Simple Life in Honduras

Apr 08, 2013

The Simple Life in Honduras

“I’ll have a grande, no fat, decaf, extra hot, half skim, half full milk café mocha please”… if this sounds like you every morning at your favorite coffee stop, you may not be ready for a move to Honduras just yet. However, if you happen to be standing behind that person, during a ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ visit to this coffee shop, and can’t understand why it’s so difficult to just order a coffee, then you just may feel right at home in Honduras…

Preparing for a move abroad goes so much deeper then just purging your home, packing your belongings and cancelling your monthly memberships. You need to prepare yourself mentally for peace, quiet, lack of certain amenities ($6 coffee, for example) and overall simplicity.

Visit, Scout and Live in Honduras

It’s easy to fall in love with a country when you visit on a vacation. You hear it all the time, “it was so beautiful, I’d love to live there!” It’s even possible you’ve said it yourself.

There’s a monumental difference between vacationing in a tropical destination and living there. When you visit a country for a couple of weeks or so, you are usually trying to decompress and escape from your work and all the other stresses and anxieties waiting for you when you get back. You relish the down time, relaxing on the beach or poolside, enjoy mealtimes and happy hours and take in the various sights.

When you choose to live in a paradise-like location like Trujillo Honduras, you need to visit… not vacation. And there is a difference. When you visit, you’re looking at aspects you may not look at when you’re on vacation… how do I do my banking, how much will it cost me in taxes to live here, will my North American medical insurance cover me and so on.

The best way to test-drive a new country is to rent a home for a few months and just live. Experience the every day, your daily routines and the local community. If you can’t see yourself leaving, it’s time to purchase property. (For incredible beachfront lots in Trujillo, go HERE to read about Caribbean Lots).

Re-Prioritize in Honduras

When you choose to settle in Honduras, there is certainly an element of give and take. If you did your due-diligence and either visited extensively or lived there first, then you already know this, and are still ok with it.

Your morning cup of coffee may be just that, coffee. No fancy lattes or mochas, no tattooed baristas glaring at you, waiting for you to make up your mind. But, that coffee may have been grown in the mountains of Honduras, and the only line-up you face is your spouse trying to beat you to the first cup. Not such a bad trade-off.

Perhaps you have some banking to do in Trujillo. Your ride to town includes potholes to avoid and you’re all but stopped because of a farmer moving his goats or cattle… but it sure beats sitting in smoggy traffic and paying to park on a busy city street.

When you purchase property in Trujillo, you’ll discover that the homes are built very modern and to North American standards. However, outside of your home, you will find vast differences in Honduras from North America.

For example, don’t expect anything to happen too quickly. The pace of life in Honduras is significantly slower and more laid back then in North America. The sooner you make peace with this fact, the easier your life will become.

Although Trujillo is a charming, friendly and serviceable town, you won’t find large shopping malls or an urban-type center. However, if you find yourself craving a metropolis, a mere 2-hour drive will bring you to La Ceiba, a bustling hub that can quench your appetite for the city. It will also make you appreciate the quiet calm of Trujillo.

Simplicity is something different to everyone… if the idea of living the simple life in Honduras sounds right up your alley, why not see what it’s all about on a Discovery Weekend? Paul and Lucia of Caribbean Lots would be thrilled to give you a taste of this beautiful country.

Go HERE now to learn more about how you can visit Caribbean Lots for only $299!

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