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"Costa Rica's main traditional export products are banana, coffee, meat and sugar."
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Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

Nov 28, 2012

Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

You’ll find Tambor tucked in the valley of a large and calm bay called the Bahia Ballena – translated it means Whale Bay. Before the coastal traffic became what it is today, you could see these sea giants right in the bay. Although that has changed, if you move out a bit further from the bay, they are still visible to the patient viewer.

If you are looking for a family destination, or a place you can enjoy quiet relaxation, Tambor is a perfect fit. The water is shallow, safe and exceptionally calm, making it an ideal location for even the most apprehensive swimmer. The sand on Tambor’s beach is a grey color, indicative of the volcanic history in the area. It softly slopes down to the waters edge and reveals an expansive field of fine sand during low tide – perfect for soccer, jogging or beach volleyball. Being only a short jaunt by car from town and offering plenty of reprieve from the sun under palm and almendro trees, Tambor’s beach is a wonderful place to spend a fun-filled day.

Abundant, verdant-forested hills surround the valley of Tambor, belonging to the lush biological corridor of the Nicoya Peninsula. Just out from the Bahia Ballena you will find the Islas Tortugas, a stunningly beautiful tropical island only a short boat ride from Tambor. If you head a bit north, you’ll find the Curu Wildlife Reserve. The Reserve ensures a diverse variety of wildlife, plants and ecological habitats are protected. Heading to the south end of the bay you will find a quaint fishing community and pier. There are few locations on the Pacific coast that are safe to anchor, but you’re welcome in Tambor’s bay.

Tambor has a variety of hotels and resorts. A select few of them are beachfront, but if you’re looking for something different, head a bit inland towards the magnificent Rio Panica. Here, you will find lodging nestled along the very picturesque river backdrop. If all-inclusive is more your speed, the prestigious Hotel Playa Tambor is located only 6km from town. It was the first all-inclusive resort to be built in Costa Rica and boasts a golf course and casino.

Tambor has succeeded in maintaining a relaxed, laid-back feel for the amount of development that has grown, and continues to grow around it. The town itself is very small, but offers the basic necessities such as a grocery store, tour operators, car rentals and souvenir shops. There is also an airport, the only one on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, offering several flights a day to either San Jose or other Costa Rican destinations.

Costa Rica offers many wondrous, beautiful and majestic locations to visit. If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, why not make Tambor a stop on your adventures?!

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