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"Dia del Nino, or Children's Day, is celebrated on September 10th in Honduras. "
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Standing Proud... From Anywhere in the World!

Feb 18, 2014

Standing Proud... From Anywhere in the World!

You don’t have to love winter to be passionate about the winter Olympics… in fact, most folks – especially those living in the tropical climates of Latin America – aren’t a fan. Of winter, that is.

They are, however, in most cases, fans of the winter Olympics. And the ironic part is that most expats or snowbirds who’ve made Latin America their full or part time home, actually come from areas of the world that are the coldest, and therefore most highly represented at the winter Olympics!

Now, it’s true that not every person is passionate about Olympic season. It cancels regular television programming, the ‘news’ is dominated by medal counts instead of ‘real’ news and some feel that it’s just a big money grab for sponsors and host cities/countries… if you can relate to any (or all) of these points, you may want to stop reading now; because this contributor is one of the many who passionately follows all things Olympic, from anywhere in the world!

Did you know that in ancient Greece, wars would stop for the Olympic games? They not only celebrated the recreational side of the games, but it was also a time for humans to honor the gods by achieving acts of human excellence. Of course, we’re no longer vying for acceptance from the gods, but it’s absolutely still a time to honor our fellow countrymen (and women!) in sports that require incredible skill, talent, dedication and sacrifice.

The Olympic games provide a sense of unity among nations. Countries, large and small, coming together in one location… and although they’re competing against each other, they’re supportive of each other. They know what each other took to get to there, and, despite possible conflict between the countries as a whole, this forum allows the athletes to set aside differences and come together as humans…

Interesting, because if you consider this from the living abroad point of view, there are a great deal of parallels; individuals that share a common mindset, coming together from various areas of the world, all looking for a similar outcome and knowing the efforts it takes to make the dream happen… 

So don’t let the fact that you’re not in your home country be a reason to not celebrate national pride! With most Latin American countries having exceptional internet access, and some of the large cities likely showing international TV stations, grab your new friends, gather around a television and cheer for your athletes. Chances are you won’t be the only one celebrating, and you might even meet some fellow fans!

Each one of us has the capability to choose our path and equally change our path. You may not be flying a million miles an hour down a snow-crusted mountain, but if you’ve been considering a move abroad, starting to put the wheels in motion – research, visit, etc. – is akin to training as an Olympic athlete. You won’t make it to the ‘big game’ (aka, paradise) if you don’t get your keister in gear…

Visiting the country you’re considering to live in is key! Check out our Discovery Weekends to start scouting locations now…

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