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Small Town Living in Costa Rica

Jul 10, 2013

Small Town Living in Costa Rica

Do you love sitting in a sea of freeway traffic? Do you get giddy when the weather report says that there’s a ‘smog alert’… for the fifth day in a row? What about being woken up on a nightly basis to sirens screaming by your house? Or perhaps you’re used to them and they don’t even wake you up anymore… if these scenarios sound like your ideal environment, then you may not be cut out for small town living.

Living in a small town isn’t for everyone, we can appreciate that… but a common misconception associated with rural living (regardless of whether you’re in North America or Costa Rica) is that you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no access to everyday conveniences or amenities. This couldn’t be further from the truth. And if you’re currently living in the country or a small town, you understand where we’re coming from.

When it comes to small towns in Costa Rica, there are certainly no shortages. But, many of them fit the ‘in the middle of nowhere’ category – which is exactly how the local residents like it.

However, Playa Tambor, on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, is a different kind of rural. Not only is it quintessential Costa Rica with lush, forested hills, warm, sandy beaches and a peaceful, tranquil setting, but it’s also in close proximity to shopping, restaurants and medical facilities. A perfect storm of retirement ideals.  

Putting Down Rural Roots

Making the decision to purchase a home or property in Costa Rica is a big deal on it’s own… choosing where to actually settle should be the easy part!

With so many options for property in Costa Rica, and the internet clogged with information (not to mention unlimited real estate ‘professionals’ trying to coax you in a million different directions) on where and how to settle, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

By visiting Playa Tambor on a Discovery Weekend, and meeting with Mike and Judy, you will get a true feel of the serene setting this beautiful area of Costa Rica can offer you. And, with a variety of available properties, you have the option of being in a forested setting (complete with natural rivers!), an open-air setting or looking out over the majestic Pacific Ocean. All located a mere 15-minute drive to a bustling town or laid-back surfing villages.

If you’re making a move to Costa Rica to raise your family and to work (either remotely from your native home or to start your own business), living outside of a town centre has enormous benefits… not only will your children grow up learning about the natural world around them, but you’ll appreciate the silence and fresh air – guaranteed to help with creativity and concentration!

Or, are you looking for a location to enjoy your retirement years or an annual escape from the winter months? Once again, the serenity of Playa Tambor is an ideal fit; safe, private communities, easy access to high-end resort amenities and beautiful beaches… all at your disposal without the headache of having to sit in traffic or navigate tricky streets and highways.

Sacrifices? No Way!

You may be thinking to yourself… ‘Ok, so living in the countryside is well and good, but won’t we get bored?’ This is another misconception to rural living. And perhaps, in certain locations boredom may be a side effect, but Playa Tambor is not one of these locations. With an unending supply of options to keep you busy, the only real question you need to ask yourself is, “do I want to spend money, or save money today?” Because that’s really what it comes down to… not that you need a lot of money, but golfing, spa visits, beachside shopping and fishing charters do involve some ‘out of pocket’ expense. On the other hand, beach lounging, waterfall excursions, hiking, surfing and fishing (off the beach) are all completely free!

If eating out is up your alley, Playa Tambor and the surrounding areas do not disappoint… You’ll find everything from fine dining (surf and turf, bananas foster!) to some of the best stone-baked pizza (with a ton of gourmet toppings to choose from!) this side of the Pacific. Of course, fresh seafood and civiche are available at every restaurant, without fail. Or, simply stop by the dock and cut a deal with one of the local fishermen… if you become a regular, he may even offer to deliver it to you on a daily or weekly basis!

Naturally, there may be times that you crave a bit more urban action then what the local area of Playa Tambor can give you. No problem! With the only airstrip on the peninsula located right up the road from the Pacific Blue Developer’s properties, it’s easy to jump on a commuter flight to Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose – only a 25-minute ride – and enjoy the city for a night or weekend.

Playa Tambor is a stunningly beautiful area of Costa Rica, and not a destination that many recognize as one of this country’s ‘hot spots’. For now, that’s keeping property prices incredibly low… bonus for you if you get in now! A Discovery Weekend will fill in any of the blanks that we have missed, in addition to giving you an opportunity to visit the diverse choice of properties available.

Go HERE to book your Discovery Weekend to Playa Tambor now!

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