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Silver Beaches, Emerald Green Waters and a Great Lifestyle in Belize

Jan 25, 2013

Silver Beaches, Emerald Green Waters and a Great Lifestyle in Belize

Imagine that you wake up early in the morning to admire the beauty of the first rays of sun emerging from the crystal-clear waters of the ocean, imagine relaxing on a shining, silver beach all day long, with the tall palm trees shading you and the light breeze cooling your face, imagine that…

Ok, enough of that! No more imagining, because this lifestyle is part of the everyday reality in Placencia, Belize, a little town just off the mainland of Belize that many expats currently call “home”.

It’s possible to say without exaggeration that this is one of the most charming places on the face of the Earth. It has a unique atmosphere of relaxation and friendliness that has made many people its instant prisoner - without the possibility of escaping.

But this little corner of paradise is the kind of place you would likely not be interested in escaping from.

Placencia is home to a group of very welcoming people – both local and expat. At first, it may feel a little strange to be greeted on the street by people you’ve never met before and who seem genuinely happy to see you, but before you know it, you’ll be the one greeting new arrivals!

If you’re coming from a life in the big city, where everybody minds their own business and where communication takes place by e-mails or phone calls, this friendly atmosphere may catch you off guard. However, it will likely take little to get used to this new way of life, gladly chatting with people you barely know, asking them about their job, health or kids. It’s a very comfy, homey feeling.

The climate in Placencia is very pleasant, with the average temperature ranging from 24 degrees Celsius in January to 27 degrees in June. This is fabulous news for those coming from climates that require a four-season wardrobe! And part of the laid-back lifestyle that those living in Placencia experience is a refreshing lack of care for high fashion. Shorts, t-shirts, sundresses and sandals are pretty much the common “uniform” seen on those living in this paradise.

Something you definitely do not have to worry about in Belize is a language barrier. You can communicate with the locals in English because it’s the second or even the first language for a great majority of them.

Placencia attracts people from all over the world for it’s spectacular, natural beauty. Some of these people spend weeks, some spend months and some live here full-time. They are drawn here for the scuba diving and snorkeling; some of the best in the world thanks to being located on the second largest reef in the world. Anglers also flock to Belize with Placencia being renowned for its large banks of tuna, tarpon, jacks, sailfish and snapper.

The unique atmosphere of Belize, and Placencia in particular, will no doubt cast you under its spell. The charm of the locals and the fact that you don’t have to carry a dictionary around are just some of the points in its favor. If you want a relaxed lifestyle in Belize, full of opportunities for fun and adventure, you should consider living there at least a part of the year if not full time!  

One of the best ways to experience this incredible paradise for yourself is on a Discovery Weekend. Our developer partner will show you that it can be an affordable place for you to live full or part time and introduce you to a truly laid-back lifestyle. 

Receive more information on planning your Discovery Weekend here and see what Placencia can offer you!

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