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Salinas, Ecuador - Escape From Reality

May 08, 2013

Salinas, Ecuador - Escape From Reality

You may wonder… ‘What’s so great about Salinas, Ecuador?’ Endless beaches (both quiet and lively), shopping, restaurants, hotels and condos… sounds like a coastal city in California or Florida, right?

It’s understandable how you could come to this conclusion, and in fact, it wouldn’t be the first time Salinas would be compared to the ‘Miami of Ecuador’. But beaches, weather, shopping and high-rises are where the similarities end… with the biggest difference being price. Cost of living, price of food and the price of real estate are about an eighth of what you could expect to pay in the ‘real’ Miami.

Some may also argue that beaches and white condo buildings hardly constitute Salinas being compared to Miami. After all, you won’t find a Starbucks on every corner, and the shopping doesn’t include brand names that you’ll see in the latest issue of Vogue.

But if lattes and designer duds are what you’re looking for, quite frankly, you may be better suited for the Miami scene anyway.

On the other hand, if $2 lunches, paired with $1 20-ounce beers overlooking the beach and Pacific is more your speed… welcome to Salinas, Ecuador! And the cost of living comment mentioned earlier? How does $85,000 for a 3-bedroom, 1 bath home, with 2 separate guest suites located outside of the main house (rental income?!) sound? Not too shabby, especially considering it’s proximity to the beach (3 blocks) and the fact that it’s only 10 miles from Salinas’ downtown core. (Go HERE to see how you can visit this property on a Discovery Weekend) 

Do You Prefer Quiet & Tranquil or Busy and Lively?

Peak times in Salinas are between December and April. This is when you can really get that feeling that you’re in a popular North American beach town. Not only do those from around the world, looking for a ‘different’ winter-getaway-destination head to this area of Ecuador, but many local Ecuadorian’s also head to Salinas during this time. In fact, making sure you secure your spot on the beach early is key! By mid-day, you’ll be hard pressed to find space between all the towels, umbrellas and oil-slicked sunbathers enjoying the heat. That being said, if your plan isn’t to live in your home year-round, this is the perfect time to maximize your rental income. Especially during some of Ecuador’s many national holidays (Carnival in Ecuador is always early - mid February, and draws huge crowds).

If you’re not into the busy beach scene, there are still options for you – even during the peak season. Head to the west, along the water, and you’ll reach Chipipe (pronounced chee-pee-peh) Beach. There isn’t much happening on the other side of this beach, so you there’s no dealing with through traffic, and the people that are there are after the same thing you are – peace and quiet and a bit of privacy. And to top it off, there’s even more beach to work with… they tend to be wider here, and thanks to fewer people, are kept clean and tidy. If you want to take a break from the sun, there is a beautiful park that offers plenty of shade and lovely gardens to admire.

Overall, Ecuador has many draws for people looking to purchase a retirement or second home and nice beaches and warm weather is only part of it. Affordability across the board is what makes it a valuable country to look at for your escape from reality. 

Want to check Salinas out for yourself? Go HERE now to learn about visiting on a Discovery Weekend!

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