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Retire in Ecuador? You May Want to Reconsider

Jul 08, 2013

Retire in Ecuador? You May Want to Reconsider

It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of moving abroad. Especially if it’s to a country that doesn’t see snow, ice or temperatures below zero degrees!

You sit at your desk or the kitchen table, computer in front of you, searching for information on homes, property, etc in a beautiful far-away land. But not too far… after all, you still want to be able to visit family and friends back in North America. You happen to stumble upon information about Ecuador… “Top retirement destination for North American’s!”

You start seeing pictures of the beautiful homes that are being built, magical sunsets and can’t believe how cheap it is to live there! No doubt about it, it’s easy to get caught up in the dream, the beautiful images and the excitement of just doing something ‘different’.

But tread lightly… despite all of the amazing features Ecuador has to offer folks from abroad, it’s important to be a realist and put everything in perspective. 

Knowing yourself is incredibly important when considering a move abroad. If any of these traits sound familiar, you may want to reconsider a move to Ecuador…

You create a comfort zone, and prefer to stay in it: You may think that just because a home is built to North American standards, you can simply create a new comfort zone in your Ecuador home. That’s partially true… but what about when you leave your home?
Although Ecuador’s scenery is breath taking, the towns and cities are not all beautiful and picturesque. You will see trash in the ditches, broken glass on top of walls and half-finished buildings. Some areas may not be paved, making for dusty and/or muddy terrain.
Being able to brush these details aside and work around them will have a huge impact on your living experience in Ecuador. Just remember… it’s not the US or Canada, and you can’t expect it to be.

Your friends affectionately call you a ‘control freak’: If you have a strong type ‘A’ personality, Ecuador’s laid-back and relaxed culture may just put you over the edge. Although this may sound like a lovely change of pace (especially for retirement), you need to be honest with yourself on whether or not you can deal with the lack of punctuality and lackadaisical way of life in Ecuador… otherwise you may feel yourself building resentment towards the country, your friends and even your spouse or family. Not a healthy situation for anyone to be in!

You have grand plans to build a huge mansion: It’s no lie that land and building costs are incredibly affordable in Ecuador. Especially along the coast. However, designing and building a Hollywood-style mansion with a theatre, bowling alley and indoor pool will be viewed as excessive in this modest country, and will not help you make local friends.
Instead, stick with the ‘look’ that the rest of the area has. Our developer partner along coastal Ecuador has a variety of beautiful home designs, or would be pleased to design one for you – go HERE to see how you can visit on a Discovery Weekend!

You don’t see the purpose of integration: Low cost of living? Check. Beautiful weather? Check. If these are the only reasons you’re looking to ‘escape’ your current home and venture to Ecuador, you may want to reconsider. Even if you aren’t particularly outgoing, living abroad involves interaction with locals on a continuous basis (shopping at the market, banking, doctor’s appointments, etc.) At the very least, learning a bit of Spanish and respecting the local culture are small, but appreciated gestures. You certainly aren’t expected to give up your own heritage, but not attempting to blend in with your new community means you’ll be missing out of some of the best parts of living in Ecuador.

If you believe that a move to Ecuador is a fun, adventurous and exciting prospect, you would be 100% correct. You just need to seriously consider the reasons why you believe it… are you getting caught up in online blogs and articles talking about the cheap real estate, amazing food and fun activities? Of course, all of this is true, but when you actually pick up and move somewhere, you also have to live there, and as spectacular as Ecuador is, it’s not for everyone. Doing extensive research as well as a visit is necessary in ensuring a country is going to appease you and your planned quality of life.

With Ecuador being among the top retirement locations in the world, it’s no doubt a winner for many people! Think you’d like to have a peek for yourself? Visit our developer on a Discovery Weekend… you’ll see a variety of property options and get a chance to explore the local community.

Go HERE to book your Ecuador Discovery Weekend!

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