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Religion in Costa Rica - Take It or Leave It

Mar 07, 2014

Religion in Costa Rica - Take It or Leave It

Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, especially the southern area, is still unknown to most people looking to vacation in this country. Stretches of uninterrupted beaches, charming towns and… affordable real estate? Yes, the southern Nicoya Peninsula is an area of Costa Rica that still boasts property within grasp of the regular, ordinary person – you don’t need a fat wallet to own your own piece of paradise here! Visit on a Discovery Weekend to see what we mean… 

Life in Costa Rica can be as simple or complicated as you make it, but take it from us when we say that ‘simple’ is the better way to go! After all, the mantra in this country is ‘pura vida’, translating to ‘pure life’, no stress, no anxieties, just a simple, pure way of living. Sound like heaven? Well, you’re not far off… especially because ‘heaven’ is top of mind for the local folks living here. 

Living a simple and pure life in Costa Rica is (or should be!) a given… but how does religion fit into this equation? Well, considering that over 70% of the population identify themselves as being catholic (with the remaining 30% making up a mix of other religions), religion plays a huge part in everyday life here.

That said, it certainly shouldn’t be a deterrent if you’re considering this fabulous country for full or part time residency! In fact, if anything, many find that it’s an attraction to live in a country that cherishes and celebrates their faith as Costa Rican’s do. When you immerse yourself into a culture that makes religion a part of everyday life, it just becomes a part of your own everyday life, even if you’re not a religious person yourself. It’s completely your choice whether you choose to participate in faith-based activities, you won’t feel pressure to partake, and you won’t be shunned if you don’t. 

Naturally, these principals apply on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula as well. This is a relaxed, rustic area of Costa Rica that, for the most part, is quiet and serene. Sure, you can visit some of the towns for a dose of activity or nightlife, but it’s not an area overrun with tourists or 24/7 action – nice when you just want to relax in your personal paradise!

However, the folks living in this peaceful corner of Costa Rica pull out all the stops when it comes to the two largest celebrations… Christmas and Easter, which encompasses a full week referred to as Semana Santa (read more HERE). No matter where you go, you will see religious symbolism with most, if not all, based from Catholicism. And, aside from the localized celebrations associated with these major holidays, you will also see an influx of local tourists. Yes, these holidays are celebrated from a religious standpoint, but in Costa Rica, this is synonymous with family time. A time for families to gather, celebrate, eat, drink and enjoy their time off of work and school. In many cases, this translates to beach vacations… and, with a seemingly endless supply along both sides of the Peninsula, it’s not hard to understand why this area becomes so popular during these holidays! 

Our recommendation? Whether or not you’re religious, or practice one of the many other religions out there, enjoy these festivities! It’s an incredible opportunity to become a part of your community, feast on foods that are only eaten at this time and truly appreciate the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle.

By visiting the Nicoya Peninsula on a Discovery Weekend, you’ll see first-hand the wonderful people already calling this area home. It’s a laid-back, accepting community and one that will embrace you no matter what your beliefs. In fact, if you’d like to know about other faith-based centers in this part of the country, ask us! We can communicate with our developer partner, and see about making it a part of your personalized Discovery Weekend. 

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