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Ready to Escape? Ecuador is Worth a Look

Mar 26, 2013

Ready to Escape? Ecuador is Worth a Look

You’ve heard it before… talk around the water cooler about how stressed your fellow co-workers are, how they can’t seem to get ahead, how they’re sick of traffic, bills, the winter that doesn’t seem to end… and if you fast-forward a year, you’ll likely hear it all again – maybe you won’t even have to wait a year, you’ll probably hear it tomorrow!

Have you reached your ‘last straw’? Are you finally ready to make the move to change your pace of life and overall lifestyle? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place.

Ecuador may not have been the first country that came to your mind when you starting thinking of living abroad, but it has all the potential of being your escape from North America.

Stable, Safe and Economically Sound

As far as safety in Latin America goes, Ecuador is a safe place to live and invest. That being said, just like any other country in the world, crime does exist, specifically in the larger cities, but it’s mainly petty theft. Moves to reduce crime are continuous; in recent years, the police force has been appropriately educated and reinforced, making them much more effective at curbing felonies.

Ecuador is an incredibly peaceful country, politically speaking. The people are gentle and enjoy living their lives in harmony with each other. Even when faced with financial turmoil in 1999 – the local currency lost 67% of it’s value against the dollar – protests that arose were peaceful.

Despite an extremely challenging past, Ecuador is making huge steps toward economic recovery. At the beginning of the new millennium, they suffered immensely… drought followed by extreme rains, which washed away infrastructure and crops. Plunging oil prices, obscene inflation, bank crashes, a political stalemate and stalls in trade with Asia and Brazil due to their own economic collapse. But they’re on the upswing now and not looking back…

Ecuador Can Appease Everyone!

Smart, Artsy, Friendly and Near-Perfect Weather in Cuenca
Located in the south of Ecuador, Cuenca is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site and has a more charming feel then Ecuador’s capital, Quito. It’s been called the country’s ‘cultural heart’, and has attracted a population known to be intellectual and creative. In recent years, expats looking for an urban centre have flocked to Cuenca for it’s big city infrastructure but small-town appeal; not to mention reasonable real estate prices… you can find a downtown condor for between $50 and $55 a square foot.

Enjoy Longevity in Ecuador’s Blue Zone
Tucked in the mountains of Ecuador’s southernmost point, you’ll find Vilcabamba, known as the Valley of Longevity. This is also a Blue Zone, an area where inhabitants live full, healthy, productive lives right up to age 100, and beyond. This is not an area untouched by non-natives, but those that have settled here live as one with nature, enjoy natural, organic foods and a laid-back lifestyle. If this sounds like the type of place for you, it’s fairly affordable, with homes (including acreage) selling for between $80,000 and $120,000.

An Urban Lifestyle in Quito
The capital city of Ecuador can satiate even the most discerning urbanite. Simple to use public transportation, world-class restaurants, high-end hotels and first-rate hospitals are all available in Quito. Even with all of these amenities on hand, it’s possible to find a brand-new condo for well under $100,00.

Which Way to the Beach?
With over 2000 km’s of Pacific shoreline, Ecuador has an incredibly diverse coast. Unspoiled, sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, quiet fishing towns and lively urban cities are all dotted along the Pacific’s shores. Enjoy boisterous nightlife? No problem. Prefer peace and quiet? Ecuador’s coast can help you there too! Salinas, Manta, Esmeraldas, Atacames, Jama and Canoa are just a few options to consider depending on your lifestyle or location preference. Houses and condos are unbelievably affordable, with turn-key homes and condos starting around $85,000.

Aside from beautiful landscapes and vistas, affordable real estate and friendly people, Ecuador is set and primed for a development boom. As a matter of fact… it’s already started. The brand new International airport just opened in Quito in February 2013, highways continue to be upgraded to popular areas and property development is evident in most populated areas, especially along the coast. If you’ve been considering an escape, this just may be your golden opportunity.

Escaping can sometimes be associated with running away… but when you’re talking about escaping the same water cooler chat every day, workplace stresses, the rat race or the snow and ice, it’s hardly running away! It’s taking your life in your own hands and creating an environment that makes you happy and healthy. Isn’t that the kind of life everyone deserves?

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