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Pura Vida - The Costa Rican Way of Life

Nov 14, 2012

Pura Vida - The Costa Rican Way of Life

Widely known for its extraordinary warm atmosphere, Costa Rica represents one of the most popular retirement places in the world. Exotic and sometimes extravagant, this country conquers the heart and the mind of any visitor, first with a unique landscape and also with its culture and traditions.

First, one meets Costa Rica through words: Costa Ricans will not say a simple hello but rather Pura Vida! The concept Pura vida is presumably less understood by the outsiders, but extremely easy to grasp later on.

It takes only a couple of simple questions to understand more about this country. Locals are able to talk for hours and hours on the deep meanings of the Costa Rican culture and lifestyle, making a true case for convincing you why you should embrace this way of living. This is how you will be introduced to a unique world…

Costa Rica and Pura Vida!

Learn to say Pura Vida and life in Costa Rica will start to be clearer and clearer for you! Basically, the expression Pura Vida means ‘pure life’, ‘full of life’ or ‘plenty of life’. The locals use it for greeting a person or for saying goodbye, but it is often used as a simple explanation.

Actually, these two simple words embrace a deep concept of life: Pura Vida embodies the spirit of Costa Rica. It is the easiest, simplest and most concentrated way of defining everyday life in this part of the world.

Many stories have been written about the Costa Ricans, but the same conclusion has been drawn more than once: everybody agrees that Costa Ricans are happy people and they seem to agree.

Recent studies have confirmed what others have been suspecting for a long time: the population of these lands is literally the happiest population in the world. A study conducted by the Happy Planet Index organization showed that in Costa Rica, the highest degree of life satisfaction was recorded.

After comparing statistics and numbers, the studies concluded that Costa Ricans love the way they live and they have a long life expectancy. So, why are Costa Ricans the happiest people in the world? What secrets does Costa Rica hide and what makes it so attractive?

5 Reasons to Discover the Uniqueness of Costa Rica

Besides being a wonderful holiday destination, Costa Rica is thought to be one of the most popular retirement places in the world. More and more people are charmed by the welcoming world of Costa Rica and decide to enjoy the last days of their lives here.

Of course, after reading more on the culture, on the landscape, on the charm of the locals and so on, it is impossible not to find yourself wondering how it would be…

Well, it seems that this exotic country has many things to offer to couples looking to change their lives without compromising on comfort. Why Costa Rica? Here is a list with the ingredients that make it the perfect choice:

  • It is an eco-friendly oasis of luxurious vegetation, hiding hundreds of animal ecosystems!
    The diversity of the landscape conquers any visitor, no matter how pretentious or diversified the tastes. From golden beaches to deep lakes, from amazing getaways in the mountains to lush forest ecosystems, Costa Rica has something to offer to any visitor.

  • High life standards!
    When people decide to retire, they look for the best accommodations, for the best conditions, for the best weather and so on. Comfort is the key word in their quest, and in Costa Rica, life ‘is designed’ to offer the maximum level of comfort.

    Warm weather all year long and a unique landscape blend with high quality resorts, impeccable services and well-trained professionals at everyone’s disposal.

  • High social security standards!
    Having one of the most stable democratic regimes in South America, Costa Ricans also take pride in having one of the best public health care systems in Latin America. With a very low number of poor people, the population benefits from 5 star services in health care, in both public and private hospitals.

  • Affordable services and products!
    Retirement doesn’t necessarily have to imply extreme sacrifices. In Costa Rica, everyone has the possibility to choose quality services at competitive prices. This way it is easy not to change everyday habits.

    The couples that chose to retire here declare themselves very satisfied with the Costa Rican standard life. With little money, they are able to sustain monthly expenses and can even afford to travel around for short periods of time. Here, everybody has the right to a decent life, meaning complete coverage of the basic needs and additional services.

  • A warm, friendly community!
    Another important aspect to consider is the attitude of the people around. What first impresses in the Costa Rican society is the community’s openness to the world. The people here treasure life and they welcome everybody who wants to share it.

    As romantic, as ideal or as impossible as it may seem in today’s world, the Costa Ricans are made like that: they share with you from their happiness, from their wellbeing, without expecting anything in return. When happy people surround you, you can only be happy as well.

For now, retirement may seem like a faraway dream. However, time goes by so fast, that you suddenly find yourself not knowing what to do with your life.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a rut fighting routine, fighting traffic and fighting bad weather - take matters into your own hands and start life all over again, try the Pura Vida way, the Costa Rican way of life.

Don’t dwell on what you’re leaving behind, instead focus on the myriad of new and great experiences waiting for you in beautiful Costa Rica and the friendliness of the people you are about to meet. You will feel a new lease on life, every new day will be a thrill!

 Want to experience the Pura Vida lifestyle for yourself? Click HERE to learn more about visiting on a Discovery Weekend!

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