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Properties Along Ecuador's Coast Set to 'Take Off'

Feb 21, 2014

Properties Along Ecuador

Start searching locations to retire abroad that are affordable, have awesome climate and are easy to get to, and chances are Ecuador will be among the top three options to pop up on your browser. Not only can you find incredible prices on property along Ecuador’s coast, but the cost of living once you’re there is hard to rival… check it out on a Discovery Weekend and see for yourself!

It wasn’t too long ago that heading to the beach from Ecuador’s capital city, Quito - or really anywhere in the central valley – meant hours of driving just to reach the coast, and then navigating some pretty rough terrain to reach one of the few cities speckled along the Pacific. The alternative was to fly to Guayaquil in the south, drive 2 hours to Salinas and either stay put in this bustling beach town, or head north on said rough terrain…

What a difference a few years, a new president and some much-needed funds thrown at infrastructure (you can read more about Ecuador’s infrastructure HERE) makes!

La Ruta del Sol, or the Sun Route, is an incredible, paved highway that follows Ecuador’s spectacular coastline. Not only has it made exploring the stunning beach areas much easier for locals and tourists alike, but it has also made small beach towns easily accessible – for their residents to leave and explore and for others to visit. 

Naturally, the other aspect that easy accessibility adds is the opportunity to live along the beach, without the worry of possibly treacherous road conditions! 

Since the completion of La Ruta del Sol, small fishing and surfing towns have become hotspots for tourists and property sales have become much more prevalent.  

Ok, so it’s been a few years… yes, developers are rampant in certain areas along Ecuador’s coast, and, as a country, it’s succeeded in becoming one of the hottest new ‘live abroad’ locations… we get that, and we love it! Affordable property (think, under $100K for a turn-key home or condo), indescribable sunsets and all within walking distance to the majestic Pacific? No wonder this place is so popular!

Would you believe it gets better? Especially if you already own property along the coast…

Salinas, one of only a few - and arguably the most beautiful - coastal cities has just opened their much-anticipated International Airport this month. Not only does this mean you can be enjoying a cerveza on your patio much sooner then before, but it means that the patio you’re sitting on is going to become much more valuable.  

Currently, the airport is only accepting domestic flights. But it’s equipped with all the bells and whistles to take big jets from all over the world… and the world, especially North Americans, are starting to take notice of all that Ecuador’s coast has to offer – insanely cheap property aside.

The bottom line? It’s not too late to secure your piece of paradise along Ecuador’s coast… just don’t wait too long! As soon as the new International airport in Salinas starts accepting the world, it won’t be long to start seeing property prices take off too…

Go HERE to discover Ecuador’s coast now!

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