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Moving to Belize - One of the Most Inspired Decisions You Can Make

Dec 17, 2012

Moving to Belize - One of the Most Inspired Decisions You Can Make

With its silver-sanded, isolated beaches and emerald-green rain forest, home for rare species of birds, animals and plants and coasts bathed by the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea, it is no wonder that Belize became, in a relatively short time, one of the most popular tourist destinations, not only from within Latin America, but from around the world.

When you move to Belize, there are numerous opportunities to spend quality time fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving or just swimming and sunbathing. If you have an adventurous streak, you can even go deep into the heart of the jungle, in search of the famous Mayan ruins, temples and monuments created by a mysterious civilization with a tragic destiny.

The people of Belize are the proud descendants of the Mayan tribes, Spanish creoles and British colonists - a great example of multiculturalism that became increasingly popular in the modern society. They have a kind-hearted nature, making you feel that you are a part of their community. It is not unusual for the locals to greet you and chat with you as with an old friend, although it may be the first time they meet you.

With so many ethnic groups peacefully coexisting, Belizeans are very open-minded and tolerant. They are accepting of opinions, political orientation and religious beliefs of those visiting and living in their country. Speaking of which, the main religion of Belize is Roman Catholicism, followed by Protestantism, but you can also meet Buddhists, Taoists, Islamists and Hindus.    
The Belizeans are proud of their historic and cultural inheritance, seeing no shame in the fact that their country was once a colony controlled first by Spain and then by the British Empire. While their first conquerors settled here to work the land and to trade with European countries, the British organized a complex economical and financial system. Thanks to this system, Belize has one of the most permissive fiscal laws, providing security for all the money and values deposited in the country's banks.

The Belizean government also adopted a series of acts designed to offer tax deductions and other fiscal facilities to foreign retirees who move here permanently. Initially, the program included only citizens from the U.S., U.K. and Canada, but due to the great number of applications, the authorities plan to extend it for the inhabitants of many other countries from Latin America and Europe. 

Another reason in favor of you moving to Belize is the stress-free, closely connected to nature lifestyle. Only three highways cross Belize, one going south, another one going north and the last one going west. The traffic is not crowded, so you do not experience any stress while you commute to work. The number of inhabitants per square kilometer is very low, so there is plenty of space for everyone. 

In addition, the atmosphere in Belize is not polluted because industrial and agricultural activities are done in a more traditional and natural manner. As a result, the food is healthier and doesn’t containing an excess of pesticides and preservatives. Almost all the products in the market come from the sea and in-land plantations. 

In spite of the simple life in Belize, this country is connected to the rest of the world in many ways with all the commodities of a modern lifestyle being present. This is a popular reason why more and more tourists, especially from the U.S., come here every year to spend their vacation, sometimes staying for several weeks. A few years ago, the situation was completely different, as many Belizeans preferred to go to the U.S. and other countries during their holidays.  

If you are seriously considering moving to another country, but you are not thrilled about learning a foreign language, Belize is the place to go. Although you may find a cheaper residence in Nicaragua, Honduras or Guatemala, only a small part of the inhabitants of those countries speak English fluently, so you lose a lot of time trying to make yourself correctly understood. It is not the case in Belize, where most of the locals speak English, in spite of the numerous ethnic groups living here.

Purchasing land and building a house in Belize is an advantageous option, because the price of an acre can be as low as $100. If you prefer to buy a simple house, built in the traditional style and located in a remote village, it will cost you around $15,000. If you prefer a more luxurious and modern residence, located on one of the beaches of bustling San Pedro, be prepared for several rounds of intense negotiations, because it is unlikely to buy for less than $500,000.

On the other hand, if you prefer a quieter, remote, but charming place to settle down, you must consider the Cayo Region. Besides fulfilling your requirements regarding the isolation and the connection with nature, the houses here are also cheaper than in other regions of the country.

If you are considering moving to Belize and investing in a business that brings benefits to the local community, the government offers you other fiscal facilities, for up to 20 years. Belize has, not only a solid economy, but also a stable political environment, in spite of being located close to Guatemala and Nicaragua, two Latin-American countries well known for the numerous military juntas fighting for power.

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