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"80% of Honduras is mountainous"
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Moving to Honduras - Easier Then You May Think

May 22, 2013

Moving to Honduras - Easier Then You May Think

If a move to Honduras is on your radar, chances are it’s because you’ve already visited this picturesque country and were swept away by the natural beauty, friendly locals, multitude of activities to partake in and… affordable real estate.  

This is specifically true in the charming town of Trujillo, located only a couple of hours from the International airport in La Ceiba. Situated in a quaint bay, on the Caribbean coast, Trujillo is rich in history, has endless spans of white sand beaches and is home to surprisingly affordable property.

Honduras’ government is incredibly welcoming to foreigners looking to make Honduras their new home, and in addition to ensuring the natural environment is protected for all future generations, they make it easy for people looking to become permanent residents.

Owning Property in Honduras

As a foreigner looking to purchase property in Honduras, the laws are very reasonable - you’re able to own up to three-quarters of an acre personally. After that, it’s simple to create a Honduran corporation, which will allow you to own more. As an expat living in Honduras, you are privy to the same rights of property ownership as any local is.

Communications in Honduras 

Just because you move to Honduras, certainly doesn’t mean you can no longer communicate with friends and family back home or that you can’t stay up to date on your world news (although, this isn’t always a bad thing!). The communication systems in Honduras are very good, and are improving every day. Cell phones, landlines or satellite phones are all available, as well as Satellite, DSL and dial-up internet. And if television is a necessity, both cable and satellite are available for your viewing enjoyment.

Residency in Honduras 

Securing residency in Honduras is an easy process. It starts with a visit to the Honduran embassy in your home country and finishes in Honduras with a local attorney. The main types of residency options are for either retirees (people with income from outside of Honduras) and investors (people who are looking to invest through a business in Honduras). The costs associated with acquiring residency is about $2000 USD, and can take anywhere from a month to a year to complete. Of course, as long as you obtain the appropriate passport stamp from immigration, you are able to remain in Honduras during this time. (Read more about residency in Honduras HERE) 

‘Moving’ to Honduras 

With deep-water ports on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, moving your belongings to Honduras isn’t an incredibly difficult task. For example, to bring a 20-foot container from Miami to Roatan (approx. 40 miles off the coast from Trujillo) will cost $1200. And if you’re thinking of a smaller amount of stuff, some residency categories will allow you to bring household goods into the country duty-free, in addition to importing a vehicle in every five years – also duty-free.

Building & Furnishing Your Home in Honduras 

Not only is the property affordable in Honduras, but when you’re ready to build, you’ll save huge too! Especially if you build with our developer partners at Caribbean Lots, Paul and Lucia. For only $70 - $100 per square foot, you can have a custom-built home similar to the one below. All finish materials are available to you in Honduras including beautiful native woods and granite, imported from Europe and the Far East. And if bringing your own belongings seems pricey and arduous, excellent quality furniture, fixtures and accessories are all available right in Honduras.

Moving to a new country can be an exciting, scary, fun and… easy experience! To learn more about Trujillo Honduras, and how you can visit this beautiful part of the country, go HERE now. 

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