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"A conflict between Honduras and El Salvador has become known as the Football (Soccer) war."
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Move to Honduras to Cure Hoarding

Dec 17, 2013

Move to Honduras to Cure Hoarding

In fact, Honduras can cure many things… financial burden, frostbite, road rage and daily stress; to name a few. Ready to write yourself a prescription? Then get down to Honduras on a Discovery Weekend to cure what ails you… and discover a beautiful country just waiting to welcome you.


You may not consider yourself a ‘hoarder’… perhaps you like to call yourself a ‘collector’ or ‘saver of stuff’. But don’t worry; we aren’t here to judge you; even if you have been saving every single birthday/Christmas card or if you can’t bring yourself to throw away every single picture/painting your grown children made you while growing up…

The thing is, if you’ve lived in the same home for several years, stuff piles up. And the bigger the house, the more you end up with…  

Last month, a couple of WI staffers visited Caribbean Lots in Trujillo, on Honduras’ mainland. Aside from enjoying the incredible weather and welcoming hospitality, we had a chance to chat with some property owners who also happened to be visiting at the same time. This is always a treat for us… everyone has a different ‘story’ when it comes to purchasing property abroad.

Andy and Fiona were visiting Trujillo for the second time since purchasing their ocean -view lot last April. They’re not rushing to build; they have a five-year plan that includes living in Honduras from November to May and in their Alberta, Canada cabin retreat from June to October. They have a 3,000 square foot home in Calgary right now, and as Fiona put’s it, “it’s just too big for us! After spending time in Honduras, I’m almost embarrassed by how much ‘stuff’ we have… we could fill ten or twenty Honduran homes with furniture and knick-knacks, and still have enough for ourselves.”

Fiona and Andy aren’t the only ones facing this kind of predicament. Although it may not meet the technical term of ‘hoarding’, the amount of material objects we accumulate over our lives is overwhelming. However, most people never really know what they’ve amassed until they need to move it. And although it’s still several years off, Andy and Fiona told us that they’ve already started to sift through their belongings. 

“We’ve decided to start in the basement and work our way up”, says Andy. “The cabin will be perfect for our summers, and we’ll put as much of our home’s furniture in there that makes sense. It’s important that it remains clean and simple, no clutter allowed!” He gives a sideways look at Fiona as he says this…

When we asked them how it’s been going, Fiona gave us a sheepish look, “I didn’t realize how hard it would be to decide what goes and what stays… and was actually surprised at the attachment I have to items I forgot I even had!”

Aside from deciding on an actual location to live in, what Fiona and Andy are dealing with may be the next hardest part of moving abroad. Most folks choose to purchase their Honduran home furnishings once they arrive, as opposed to shipping everything - although being along a coast, this is very plausible.

The only items you need to 'hoard' in Honduras are of the delicious variety...

So if you have a problem with ‘hoarding’ or ‘collecting’ or any other form of accumulating material items, a move to Honduras may be just the ticket to fix your disorder! After all, there’s nothing like relocating your life to a tropical paradise to justify ridding yourself of (unnecessary?) ‘stuff’. Of course, a visit is in order before you start purging your possessions… explore spectacular Trujillo, Honduras on a Discovery Weekend by going HERE now!

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