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"Roatan, a beautiful and tropical island of Honduras, is known for having the world's 2nd largest coral reef."
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Mainland Honduras - A Hidden Paradise!

Sep 13, 2013

Mainland Honduras - A Hidden Paradise!

Ok, ok… you got us. Honduras isn’t exactly ‘hidden’. It’s right there, tucked in between El Salvador and Nicaragua, sharing a total of 440 miles of white sandy beach on one of the most coveted bodies of water in the world – the Caribbean Sea. Which is also the reason we refer to this beautiful country as ‘hidden’…

If you’re honest with yourself, mainland Honduras likely isn’t at the top of your list for a retirement or vacation home. In fact, unless you’ve visited or know people who have, it’s rarely even mentioned as a destination for purchasing property in the same way that Costa Rica and Ecuador are.

But Honduras is definitely worth a second look. Specifically the town and community of Trujillo. Not only is this where you’ll find incredible property for sale (go HERE to learn more), but you’ll be exposed to an extraordinary area of Honduras that is rarely discussed or marketed as a place to retire, live or vacation.

For a town of only 30,000, Trujillo definitely packs a punch in terms of history and natural beauty. It offers all the required services you’d expect from a town of this size; restaurants, bars and nightclubs, medical and dental facilities (including a hospital), markets, banks, churches, lawyers… you get the idea. But one of the popular draws to Trujillo, are the ruins of Fortaleza Santa Barbara. Located high up one of the many hills in the area, this fort was one of many established to protect Trujillo and it’s quiet bay from pirates looking for gold and silver (go HERE to read more). With the cannons and old buildings still in place to explore, as well as an unprecedented view of Trujillo Bay, it’s no wonder thousands of in-land locals and tourists visit this area every year.

If you like the idea of getting out on the pristine Caribbean waters, only a short distance off Trujillo’s coast you’ll find the two islands of Cayos Cochinos, sitting like jewels in the turquoise waters. They’re surrounded by a small group of cays (pronounced ‘keys’), and offer some of the best fishing, diving and snorkeling – all right in your (possible) backyard!

As charming and beautiful as Trujillo is, if you’re considering a permanent or semi-permanent move to this mainland paradise, you may be interested to know about what else is in the area. After all, as nice as it is to simply enjoy your home and community, taking day, weekend or even weeklong trips to explore is part of the fun of living in a new country! And that’s the beauty of buying your home on Honduras’ mainland (go HERE to learn more)… it’s as easy as jumping in your car (or renting a car, or relaxing on a deluxe coach bus) and hitting the open road…

La Ceiba – Trujillo’s ‘Big Brother’

So you want to take a manageable road trip, but don’t want to stray too far from the crystalline waters of the Caribbean? Head towards La Ceiba!  

About 110 km’s (2 hour drive) to the west of Trujillo, you’ll find La Ceiba. When you fly to Honduras to participate in a Discovery Weekend, you’ll land at the International airport here, but likely won’t have much more time to explore. However, when you live in Trujillo, La Ceiba can be a fun urban retreat.

With a population of over 200,000, La Ceiba is referred to as both the ‘Eco-Tourism Capital of Honduras’ and the ‘Entertainment Capital of Honduras’; making it an ideal destination for anyone, regardless of what your interests are!

Large, modern shopping malls, movie theatres, fast food outlets, fine dining (including along the majestic waterfront), museums and plenty of outdoor activities abound in this port town. It’s also home to many festivals and celebrations throughout the year, drawing tourists from all over the country.

To experience the beauty of the Honduras mainland, and specifically Trujillo - where real estate prices are still unbelievably low - book a Discovery Weekend! Not only will you have a chance to see the area firsthand, but you’ll also get an exclusive tour of available properties either overlooking the shimmering Caribbean or the lush, forested mountains that cover this entire country. It really is the quintessential paradise that you thought you could only fantasize about…

Make your dreams a reality! Go HERE to book your Trujillo Discovery Weekend now!

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