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Living on Ecuador's Coast is Not Without Risk

Dec 13, 2013

Living on Ecuador

If you haven’t visited Ecuador’s coast yet, well, first of all… what are you waiting for?! Ok, maybe you’re just starting your research; we’ll let you off the hook for now. But seriously, Ecuador’s coast is a hot market right now. And it won’t stay that way forever. Check it out on a Discovery Weekend to see if it’s a good fit for you!


If Ecuador is on your radar for retirement or long-term living, Where International is likely not the only place you’ve heard about the incredible property and real estate deals that can be had. Sure, there are a few areas within Ecuador that have grown quite popular; but as a country, it’s still low on the ‘buy abroad’ totem, which is nice since this keeps prices low. For now, at least.  

One area of Ecuador that is still ‘up-and-coming’ is the Pacific coast. But only because it’s been a tricky area to get to until recently…. thanks to a new highway, this is starting to change.

Right now, if you were to drive north from Salinas (one of the coast’s larger cities) towards the shipping port of Manta, you would see pockets of civilization, but they’re few and far between… mainly fishing villages and surf towns. That said, our developer partner’s projects are located in one of these vibrant towns and they’re setting a precedent for honest, community-minded developments being built along Ecuador’s coast. Not to mention a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to knowing the specifics of building along a coastline. 

It’s the consummate dream, right? Waking up to views of the ocean, a fresh breeze drifting into your room, sunsets right off your front porch… for anyone who loves water, this is IT. But what many real estate websites or even on-the-ground realtors may forget to tell you is that with all the fabulousness of an oceanfront home, comes risk.

Eroding ground, ocean breezes that don’t quit and salt air that has no mercy… these are all aspects of beachside living that many folks forget to think about when looking to purchase an ocean front home or property. These challenges shouldn’t deter you from looking at homes next to the beach, but you also shouldn’t discount them. What it comes down to is ensuring you work with a builder who knows how to deal with these hurdles… being proactive, instead of reactive, is key when building your custom coastal home. Soil samples (to test the compact of the soil or rock) and retaining walls are just a couple of pre-building assessments done to ensure your home stays exactly where it should and continues to look beautiful 10 years down the road!

With coastal property always being a huge draw, Ecuador is fairly new to the game and sure to become more and more popular as people continue to discover it… especially when they realize how affordable it still is! To ensure you get exactly what you want, and that no short cuts are taken, pick a developer who’s not only reputable but also experienced with building homes and living themselves along a coast. Doing otherwise is a risk you shouldn’t be willing to take.

Thankfully… we have just the developer! And, instead of simply taking our word for it, why not visit them yourself? Head down to Ecuador’s coast on a Discovery Weekend and check out what they’re building right now… including the measures they’re taking to ensure safe, reliable and striking homes for all of their clients. 

Go HERE to book your Ecuador Discovery Weekend


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