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Living on Ecuador's Coast - Paradise or Sacrifice?

Sep 30, 2013

Living on Ecuador

It really doesn’t matter where you currently live… there are likely aspects of your town/city/state/province/country that you could do without. Perhaps those aspects are the reason you’re even considering a move abroad in the first place! 

What we’re getting at is that one person’s paradise may be another’s nightmare. And when you’re contemplating a beachside home in a faraway land, these are very valid considerations. Especially if you’re doing it with someone who doesn’t share the exact same dreams as you…

As a whole, Ecuador is not only becoming a haven for expats but also a country working hard to modernize and increase its infrastructure. In fact, the two go hand in hand… with more people visiting and choosing to live in this beautiful country, the more the government becomes aware of necessary upgrades; roads, education, healthcare, potable water, sewage systems, education and police and fire are among top priorities (go HERE to read more about Ecuador’s infrastructure). 

Why do we mention this? Because if you dream of living in a beachside home, waking to the sound of waves crashing on the beach, enjoying sunset strolls with the warm water lapping at your toes and all at a cost that’s not going to break your budget, then Ecuador’s coast is a very likely bet for you! However, if movie theatres, well-stocked grocery stores and fancy nightclubs are among your life requirements, life on the beach may not be for you… unless your budget will afford you something in Miami. But of course, if that were the case, you may not be considering Ecuador at all…

In all seriousness, it’s not that Ecuador’s coast doesn’t offer the conveniences of ‘home’; they just don’t typically go hand-in-hand with quiet beaches and quaint fishing/surfing villages.

The Best of Both Worlds? 

Now, you might be wondering… ‘Is it OK to want it all? The grocery stores, the movie theatres, the nightlife AND the quiet beaches, personable villages, affordable property’? Of course it is! This is your retirement or vacation home you’re pondering, after all.

You just need to know where to look. Enter Where International… and thanks to our relationship with a wonderful developer along Ecuador’s southern coast, we can assure breath-taking sunset strolls along the beach and a quaint, laidback village. Oh, and of course incredibly affordable property!

The other side of the coin is that the area our developer is located along Ecuador’s coast offers easy accessibility to the city of Salinas; a booming metropolis equipped with grocery and shopping options, cinemas, cultural centers and everything else you expect in a big city… including, of course, crowds of people, high-rises and traffic… you’ll be happy to have the option to head back to your piece of solitude!

In addition to having the best of both worlds, you have to remember that Ecuador is a very affordable country, not just for real estate, but to live in and get around. If you feel like taking a weekend excursion to the Amazon or the capital city, Quito, it’s as easy as hopping on a commuter flight out of Guayaquil’s international airport. In fact, why stop there? Explore Latin America with ease! Not only does the affordable cost of living in Ecuador mean you make your retirement or vacation dollars stretch further, but it also means you don’t have to curb your wanderlust the same way you might if you were still in North America. 

So back to the original question: is the option of living on Ecuador’s coast a paradise or sacrifice… have we really answered that question, or simply made it more difficult to decide?! But who says you have to decide? If you’re afraid that living next to the beach will mean sand everywhere, well… who said you need to live right next to the beach? Our developer has properties that are a quick bike ride, car drive or longer walk to the beach. There are even options up in the beautiful hills overlooking the pristine Pacific. And the beautiful part? The weather is hot, sunny and tropical… if you need a break and miss the snow and ice, I’m sure your friends and family back in the Northern Hemisphere would be thrilled to trade places with you for a week!

Does Ecuador’s coast sound like your kind of paradise? Visit our developer on a Discovery Weekend to get a true feeling of what this majestic area of the world is like… his team will be delighted to show you a variety of property options, certain to make you fall in love with this area and country. So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you ready to discover Ecuador’s coast?!

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