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Live Your Dream Lifestyle in Costa Rica's Southern Zone!

Aug 21, 2013

Live Your Dream Lifestyle in Costa Rica

Lush jungles cascading down to warm ocean waters gently lapping at soft, endless beaches… charming villages abuzz with activity. This is Costa Rica’s southern zone, and it truly is quintessential Costa Rica.

When you make the choice to live or retire abroad, deciding the actual destination can sometimes be as difficult as making the commitment in the first place…

Thousands of people from around the world have settled in Costa Rica, making it one of the most popular expat destinations in Latin America. And it’s not hard to understand why… it’s safe, friendly, tropical and still affordable (learn about our Southern Zone Discovery Weekend HERE).

A 3-hour drive from the International airport in San Jose, the southern zone is home to miles and miles of unspoiled beaches, national parks, towns and villages and homes scattered and intermingled among the natural beauty. But what it really comes down to when you choose to settle in this corner of Costa Rica, is the type of lifestyle you’d like to set up for yourself…

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Are you a bird-watcher? Butterfly lover? Like the thought of ‘living off the grid’? If you dream of living in an environment surrounded by lush flora and abundant fauna, Costa Rica’s southern zone is for you. With a reputation for being the ‘greenest’ country from a sustainability perspective, Costa Rica in general is a nature-lovers dream. And with the success of having almost completely diminished deforestation, living in Costa Rica’s southern zone can provide spectacular views, all while being completely surrounded by nature.  

Beach Lifestyle

Toes in the warm water, a beach chair, a picnic and whatever else rounds out your perfect beach day… sounds like pure bliss, doesn’t it? Imagine being able to do this everyday if you wanted to! Costa Rica’s southern zone can make this dream lifestyle a reality. With miles of wide, sandy beaches, there’s no shortage of places to set up ‘camp’ for the day. Big waves for surfing, gentle water for the more cautious, busy beaches and secluded beaches are all available no matter what your preference.

Social Lifestyle

Six or seven years ago, a new highway was put in place, making Costa Rica’s southern zone much easier to reach. But even prior to that, Pacific Properties (you can learn about visiting on a Discovery Weekend HERE) was developing communities and showing expats and the odd tourist the beauty of this area. It was just a lot tougher to get to!
Today, this area of Costa Rica is home to a thriving expat community. With a multitude of restaurants, bars, nightlife options and plenty of opportunities to get involved with community events, the southern zone is an ideal location for social butterflies or those new to the area looking to meet new friends.

Mountain Lifestyle

With a dramatic landscape of forest-covered mountains skimming the skies, the southern zone is a perfect location for those looking to live the ‘high life’… the views from these mountain properties are absolutely stunning. An added bonus? The elevation means that the temperatures are spring-like all year around. This also translates into a gardener’s dream. The mountain lifestyle is ideal for growing your own fruit and veggies as well as a whole host of beautiful flowers and foliage. And, if you’re able to secure a piece of property with acreage, large gardens, a couple of horses and even raising your own organic tilapia in man-made ponds is possible. With a weekly farmers market in the town of Uvita, you can turn your hard work into some extra spending money!

Adventurous Lifestyle

Costa Rica as a whole is certainly not short on adventurous activities, and the southern zone is no exception. With an abundance of outdoor adventures on your doorstep you’ll never be bored again… discover hidden waterfalls, explore Marino Ballena National Park, hone your surfing skills, cast a line for exotic, saltwater fish, kayak through the mangroves or jump in a saddle and let a horse do all the work! Whatever the adventurous side of you seeks, the southern zone can satisfy.

Private Lifestyle

For some folks, owning a home in an exotic country such as Costa Rica is about ‘getting away from it all’. If you prefer to live or vacation in the privacy of your own oasis, our developer in the southern zone, Pacific Properties, can help you create a space you’ll never want to leave! Mountain properties with unobstructed views, beautiful backyard sanctuaries and gated communities ensure safety and solitude. Pacific Properties’ design their communities with privacy in mind, strategically placing homes out of view from each other and ensuring you maintain a private paradise that is yours and only yours.

Costa Rica’s southern zone really does have something for everyone! Why not head down and check it out for yourself? A Discovery Weekend will give you an opportunity to explore the surrounding neighborhoods, chat with expats already living in the area and pick out your own piece of property where you can enjoy whichever lifestyle pleases you…

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