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Live to Work? Nope... Love to Work; in Trujillo Honduras

Aug 06, 2013

Live to Work? Nope... Love to Work; in Trujillo Honduras

By: Bethany Friel

Ooohhmm… it’s 6:00am on a Tuesday morning and I’m sitting on my yoga mat in my makeshift ‘studio’ – a.k.a., an empty corner of the living room. My husband, James, is getting ready to leave the house for his hour and a half-long commute to work. I’ll head to work too, but I don’t have far to go, I’m a receptionist at the insurance company in our small town. It’s not the greatest gig… it’s a dead-end position and the pay is lousy, but with so many people out of work altogether, I feel lucky to have a job at all.  

This isn’t it for James and I though. No way. I’ll let you in on a secret… we’ve bought an incredible piece of paradise in Trujillo, Honduras and we can’t wait to start our new adventure down there!

How and why would we want to go to Honduras, you ask? It all started two years ago… it was January, and while reading the paper Saturday morning over coffee, we read an article about Roatan, which is among the Bay Islands, about 60km from the mainland. This got us started on the Honduras bandwagon, and spurred our first trip that March. Although Roatan is a lovely island, being non-scuba divers we started to get restless after our first week. I have a love for starfish and wanted to check out the colony located near the mainland, so we found a local guy with a boat who was up for showing us around. After seeing the beautiful starfish, we continued on towards the mainland beach for a picnic lunch.

I guess you could say, ‘the rest is history’, because during our time exploring the beach, we ran into Lucia and got chatting about Honduras, Canada (where she and we are from) and eventually, property. We kept in touch with Lucia and planned our next trip directly to Trujillo.

That next trip happened five months after our initial one, and let me tell you… those five months at home consisted of a lot of excited banter between James and I! We did a ton of online research and I did something I’d wanted to do for a while, but had been putting on the back burner… I enrolled to become a real, full-fledged yoga teacher. I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 10 or so years, and have done some one-on-one sessions with friends, but have never made that step to make it become ‘official’. This will play into my long-term plan of our future life in Trujillo, running my own yoga studio (and maybe retreat?) out of our home.  

And James is starting to put things in motion to work remotely too… he currently manages advertising accounts at a big Toronto newspaper, but his real passion is writing. He’s started looking at some ‘moonlighting’ opportunities for online publications and other media outlets.

Needless to say we were thrilled with our next trip to Honduras. We were so well taken care of by the Caribbean Lots team; shown around the Trujillo area and handpicking our ‘dream lot’ overlooking the pristine Caribbean. We extended our stay so we could explore a bit more on our own and get a true feel for our future backyard. Both James and I love mountain biking and hiking, and there is certainly no shortage of these options in the Trujillo area… we even tried stand-up paddle boarding for the first time! Eco-tourism is very popular in this area of Honduras, so meeting like-minded people was easy, even during our short 10-day trip. Meeting some of these folks actually ended up having a two-fold effect… aside from making new friends, I asked their opinion of my yoga studio idea. They loved it! As it stands, there’s nothing of the sort in the area right now, and with a development boom on the horizon, it’s an incredibly exciting prospect.


James and I have lived our lives just like most of you probably are… our work is just that… work. It pays the bills. We get excited when Friday rolls around, because it means two days of no work (and no sitting in traffic for James!) and try not to feel remorse on Sunday that the weekend is over. Don’t get me wrong… I love my routines, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to our new routines that will include Caribbean Sea views, fresh fruit all year and working in a way that won’t feel like work at all!


PS – a big thanks to Bethany for sharing her property purchasing experience with Caribbean Lots in Trujillo, Honduras! 

This stretch of the Caribbean Sea is often overlooked and undervalued for those looking to retire, live or vacation abroad. With a new cruise ship terminal currently being built and resorts and home developments cropping up in the area, Trujillo is a prime spot for investment right now. And what better way to check it out for yourself then on a Discovery Weekend!  

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