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"Costa Rica does not have an army, the constitution prohibits it! Just local police are present."
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'Jaco-Pulco' - Can I Really Live Here?

Dec 06, 2013

Restaurants? Check. Nightlife? Check. Grocery stores? Check. Beautiful beaches, towering, lush mountains and breathtakingly majestic sunsets? Check, check and check! Welcome to one of Costa Rica’s busiest beach towns, Jaco. Located only an hour from the country’s capital (and international airport), San Jose, this bustling community is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. 

That said; one of Jaco’s best attributes is that it offers all the conveniences and amenities of a larger city, but in a nice compact beachside package. Drive only 5 minutes outside of the main centre and you’ll be on a smooth 2-lane highway, lined with tropical flora and few signs that you just left a lively town. 

Ok, so Jaco has a lot going for it… close proximity to San Jose’s international airport, beautiful beaches and no shortage of amenities… you may be asking yourself, ‘is it realistic to think I can live here?’ To which we reply, absolutely!

Don’t let the accessibility and convenience fool you… Jaco isn’t only a viable option for living – either full or part-time – but it’s also an affordable option. You just need to know where to look and who to deal with.

Jaco’s real estate market is a bit of a circus… for lack of a better term. With at least 250 independent realtors and over 50 brokerages hustling real estate, looking for the ‘perfect’ representation in this area of Costa Rica can leave your head spinning. By working directly with a developer, you not only save some of your sanity, but also your hard-earned pennies! Of course, there is no shortage of developers in the Jaco area either… request our free Due Diligence Checklist HERE to make sure whomever you work with has all their ducks in a row.

Where, Why, How, What

We’ve already covered the ‘who’; buying from a developer is always going to save you the most money. But what about the where, why, how and what? The town of Jaco itself isn’t for everyone… but a short 5-minute drive outside of town gives you quintessential Costa Rica and easy access to this fun community. 

But it get’s better! In case living close to Jaco isn’t enough, what about living in a location with world-class ocean views?  

So what exactly is a ‘world-class ocean view’? And this is important, because you may hear other interpretations, but if you take anything away from this article, let this be it:

                  A world-class ocean view should have a 90 – 180 degree, unobstructed, ocean view.
                  It should be 200 - 500 feet above sea level and be a 5 minute, or less, drive to the beach.
                  Of course, breathtaking sunset views are a given.

In addition to the above-mentioned specifics, there are a number of key points to keep in mind when buying ocean-view property in the Jaco area… first of all, prices should start around $89,000 and shouldn’t exceed $125,000. These prices will be dependent on how accessible the property is (it should be easily accessible!) and the size of the buildable land. Ideally, the property should be at least one acre… this ensures space for a septic and proper water drainage. But don’t take just any developer, agent or seller’s word for these important necessities. Go HERE to request your Due Diligence Checklist!

With such a diverse combination of amenities, gorgeous beaches, soaring mountains and proximity to San Jose, the question about making Jaco, Costa Rica your new full or part-time home becomes less, ‘can I really live here?’ and more, ‘why aren’t I living here?’ 

Just don’t forget to request your Due Diligence Checklist… it’s not only in your best interest to do so, but you’ll learn a lot about the buying process – a completely different experience in Costa Rica, from other areas of the world.

Go HERE to request your Due Diligence Checklist now!

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