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"Costa Rica is only 10 degrees North from the equator."
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If You're Happy Being a 'Lemming' - Don't Read This...

Jan 10, 2014

If You

Do you know what a ‘lemming’ is? Ok, yes, ‘officially’ it’s an Arctic rodent… but it’s also a term commonly used to reference those who do not possess any form of individual thought – instead they mindlessly follow the actions and behaviors of the masses. 

Folks like these are all around you, every day, everywhere. In fact, there’s a very good chance that you’re one of them yourself…

It’s not your fault. Unless you’re among the few that are brought into a nomadic family (military, diplomatic placement, etc.), chances are you follow a similar life path that the rest of the world aspires to; go to post-secondary school, get a job, start a family, keep working and (hopefully) some day retire with a spouse or family. Of course, real life comes into play somewhere in there too, adding to the challenge and excitement of life.

But it gets to a point where it seems you’re doing the exact same thing, day in, day out. Running on the proverbial hamster wheel, hoping to get ahead, but really just chasing your tail. With the US still not out of the woods financially, and Canada going into ‘panic mode’ regarding the Pension Plan, staying in North America for the rest of your days can be a hard pill to swallow… especially if you’re relying solely on your government Social Security or Pension Plan to carry you through your retirement. 

Unfortunately for some, living the life of a ‘lemming’ can come to a grinding halt without notice. The world financial crisis of 2008 was a perfect example of unplanned wealth deterioration.  

For most, it takes a change (usually something quite monumental) in life to provide the ‘push’ required to move abroad. Very few grow up with the certainty that living abroad is where their future lies.  

Making the decision to actually make a move is the largest hurdle… and not just in the sense of you deciding for yourself. The hard part comes in telling your friends and family that you’re moving. Because of the ‘lemming’ mentality, it’s difficult for people to wrap their heads around living somewhere else… with a different language, different culture and not knowing anyone. But for those ready to make a change in their life, these are the exact things they’re looking for. Of course, year-round temperate weather, low cost of living and affordable real estate are nice bonuses; but in many cases, it’s getting away from the ‘lemming’ lifestyle and creating a path and routine completely different from the ‘norm’.

So, is it your time? Do you wonder how other people before you have done it? Where does one even start when considering a move abroad?  

We recommend a preliminary visit to a country that piques your interest. Booking a Discovery Weekend is a wonderful way to dip your toes in the pool of living abroad… no commitment and an affordable way to see the ‘real’ side of your future community. No big, fancy resorts where you’re not recommended to leave the property… our developers will put you up in their guest houses and, aside from showing you the property options, show you the area and introduce you to your neighbors. This is your life! Why live it the same way as everyone else?

Go HERE now to book your Discovery Weekend!

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