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Get Outta Dodge! To Save Your Life...

Jan 17, 2014

Get Outta Dodge! To Save Your Life...

Ecuador has a lot going for it when it comes to affordable retirement options abroad; spectacular weather (ranging from hot and humid to perma spring-like), friendly inhabitants, inexpensive real estate and locally grown fresh fruit and veggies… see if it ticks all your boxes by visiting on a Discovery Weekend 

There are plenty of reasons why people are ready to up and leave North America; governmental bureaucracy, increasing crime rates, cold temperatures… the list goes on. But a key incentive for wanting to ‘get outta dodge’ is to save your life… are we being overly dramatic with this statement? Possibly. But there’s nothing overly dramatic about the obscene amount of chemicals we are continually putting into our bodies during every mealtime… 

It’s not that we don’t know about all the terrible, unnatural foods we ingest every day. If anything, we’re more educated then ever! It’s become mainstream to see organic items in our neighborhood grocery stores, find locally sourced food within our communities and its not out of the norm to hear that your neighbor keeps a couple of chickens… and yet, it doesn’t seem to matter how much we try to fight it, the big conglomerates (*cough* Monsanto) continue to infiltrate our food supply… surreptitiously… hoping no one will rat them out… 

But they have been ratted out. And for that aforementioned conglomerate, the heat is rising… but that means diddly squat when it comes down to the numbers. And these are big numbers. Monsanto and it’s affiliates are worth billions; and despite petitions and public outcries, it has a firm grasp around North America’s food supply… a grasp that won’t soon be let up… if ever.  

So what’s a person to do? Sure, it’s possible to find organic, non-GM food, but it’s pricey and the selection is limited. Plus, there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of products you purchase every day that have been touched by the GM (genetically modified) fairy; beer, peanut butter, infant formula, frozen yogurt, potato chips, vanilla… and on and on. And in most cases, the incredibly lax rules mean that the labeling on these products don’t have to include the mention of GM ingredients… it’s a sad (and deadly) state of affairs for those who love to eat.

But for those of you looking to make a change for the better… Ecuador might just be the ticket! Effective September 2008, Ecuador’s Constitution declared the country as GMO free... in fact, there are a number of countries around the world that have stuck to their guns in not allowing the introduction of GMO seeds, with many more fighting hard to cease distribution. 

Ecuador’s morals of remaining GMO-free sounds like reason enough to consider this spectacular country for living, but that’s just part of it… with staggering natural beauty, political stability, friendly people and affordable real estate, it’s not hard to see why this country continues to grow in popularity!

Are you ready to make a change? Not only to make your dollar stretch, but to protect your long-term health? If that’s a yes… check out Ecuador’s coast on a Discovery Weekend! You’ll see firsthand how spectacular this country is, and feel good knowing that the place you’re considering to spend your hard-earned pennies isn’t pandering to the big bucks of disease-causing corporations. 

Go HERE to book your Coastal Ecuador Discovery Weekend now!

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