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Ecuador's Coast is a Buy Now - Prices are Already Going Up!

Jun 17, 2013


It’s only been a few years, but what a difference development makes on a coast such as Ecuador’s… and there are still areas that seem completely forgotten by civilization. Deserted beaches, fishing villages and rolling hills undisturbed by large-scale development are all still evident along Ecuador’s south Pacific coast. 

But that’s been gradually changing. New highways, bridges and a new airport in Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, have put Ecuador on the radar for many North American’s looking for ‘deals’ on property.

And there are definitely deals… but certain areas of the coast have boomed quicker then others, meaning the deals are tougher to find; providing a glimpse of what property prices along coastal Ecuador are going to look like in another few years.

There are, however, still pockets along the south Pacific coast that have been immune to mass development and increased pricing. And, aside from skyrocketing property prices, this equates to quaint towns and villages with relaxed vibes and residents (a combination of Ecuadorians, expats and tourists) embracing their serene corner of Latin America.

Don’t get us wrong… development is a wonderful thing! You may loathe road construction when you’re in North America, but imagine dusty, gravel roads with potholes so big they could swallow a bus… (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea!) This is when roadwork and development provide a positive outcome… plus, it can expose areas not previously enjoyed by the mainstream tourist or future expat.

With development, come people. And with people, comes rising prices for everything from hotels stays, meals and property. But we’ve found an incredible hidden gem far enough away from the bustling metropolis of Salinas, but still within reasonable driving distance that you don’t feel like you’re ‘in the middle of nowhere’.

The truth is… it is in the middle of nowhere. Or at least the prices of property here give the impression that it’s way off the beaten path.

Stunning ocean views that boast sunsets so beautiful you won’t want to blink, beaches so expansive you could watch your dog run away for days and charming towns that will have you pinching yourself that you actually own property here… at least you can own property here… Would you believe that in a place so spectacular you can buy a turn-key home for under $100,000? That’s not a typo… you can actually be sitting on your patio, enjoying a cerveza (or margarita, or mojito, or whatever!) watching the world go by on your own piece of this paradise for under $100,000. 

But these prices are NOT going to last! With Ecuador’s government consistently putting money into infrastructure and tourism, it’s inevitable that prices will go up as demand increases. Your best bet is to get in now, before prices skyrocket…

One of the best (and most affordable!) ways to experience coastal Ecuador is on a Discovery Weekend. You’ll be picked up at the airport, put up at the Developer’s guesthouse, have your food and beverages provided and receive full, personalized tours of the available properties.

If you’ve been considering Ecuador (or even Latin America in general) for a second or permanent home or as an investment opportunity, don’t wait! Book your Discovery Weekend now to make sure you get in on the best pricing!

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