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"Costa Rica population distribution: 43.65% Urban area and 56.34% rural area."
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Ecuador as a Top Expat and Retirement Destination? Here are a Few Reasons Why...

Sep 09, 2013

Ecuador as a Top Expat and Retirement Destination? Here are a Few Reasons Why...

If you’re considering a move abroad, but haven’t nailed down exactly where you want to go, chances are you’re familiar with Ecuador being among the top ranked destinations (go HERE to discover Ecuador’s south pacific coast).

But why? What’s so great about Ecuador anyway? Well, in short, plenty!

This is a list of some of the more common reasons why retirees, investors and (future) expats are flooding to Ecuador’s mountains and shores to enjoy a laid-back, fun, affordable and lucrative lifestyle…


Health & Wellness

Specifically on Ecuador’s coast, you’ll find clean, fresh air and endless options to go walking or biking. And of course, how can you resist the fresh fruit and veggies that are grown and sold locally… almost as fresh as pulling them right out of your own garden!



With an incredible 46 different ecosystems, Ecuador really does have something for everyone! To put it into perspective, the entire country of Ecuador is roughly the same size as the state of Nevada, but don’t let that fool you… Ecuador has the Amazon Rainforest, towering Andean mountains, endless stretches of Pacific beaches, the world-famous Galapagos Islands and two historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the cities of Quito and Cuenca.


Top-Notch Medical

Medical tourism is quickly growing in popularity throughout Latin America, and Ecuador is not immune to this. With internationally trained doctors and world-class medical facilities throughout the country, there need not be concerns to anyone considering Ecuador as their new full-time or part-time home. In addition, if you’re into more unconventional methods of healthcare, Ecuador is known for it’s respected natural and alternative healing options.



This is definitely one of the main reasons Ecuador continues to lead the ‘retire abroad’ pack. However, the affordability of this beautiful country won’t last forever. In fact, certain areas of Ecuador have been increasing for the past few years, putting them closer to other popular expat destinations such as Belize and Panama. That being said, there are still very affordable pockets of Ecuador, with the coast being one of them (go HERE to learn how you can visit). There’s still time to get in on the low property prices before they skyrocket, just don’t say we didn’t warn you if you wait too long…



In 2000, Ecuador took on the US dollar as their official currency. Not only has this helped benefit North American travelers, but it also helped stabilize Ecuador’s economy. Granted, the US dollar isn’t in the best of shape right now, but it certainly makes financial transactions and conversions easier, since banks in countries around the world typically have no trouble accessing American dollars.


Welcoming Locals

Ecuadorians are polite, friendly, helpful and are generally very welcoming to foreigners coming into their communities. Not only has the international popularity of Ecuador helped produce jobs for the local people, but it has added diversity to small towns and assisted in promoting infrastructure to secluded areas, specifically the coastal area.



Being located on the equator has its benefits! With year-round spring like weather, Ecuador is an ideal destination for many. Naturally, the temperatures will change depending on where you are (go HERE to read more on Ecuador’s weather), but heat and air conditioning are close to non-existent in many areas of this country.


Culture & Comfort

Despite being a developing country, Ecuador is not short on luxurious resorts, opulent spas and sumptuous, international restaurants. In addition, it’s home to some pretty incredible cities rich in history and culture – Guayaquil, Cuenca and Quito to name a few. Here, you can find art museums and galleries, symphonies, theatre, live music and many traditional festivals. The best part? Most of these events can be attended either free or for very low admittance.

To experience all that Ecuador has to offer, the best thing to do is visit for yourself! Regardless of whether you’re simply looking for your own place to go during vacations or you’re wishing to retire and live somewhere full time, Ecuador may just be your ideal…  

Want to discover all that Ecuador has to offer? Check out a Discovery Weekend! You’ll be picked up at the airport in Guayaquil, whisked off to the development where you’ll stay, eat, drink and get full tours of the available property. It’s a personalized trip designed specifically for you!

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