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Ecuador as a Retirement Option? Yes!

Mar 15, 2013

Ecuador as a Retirement Option? Yes!

As spring takes its time bringing sunshine and warm temperatures to the northern US and Canada, it’s easy for many people to daydream about living somewhere that this wait doesn’t exist… allow Where International to introduce you to the possibilities of Ecuador!  

If you’ve already thought about this beautiful country, you are likely familiar with the incredible affordability Ecuador boasts. It’s all true… this Latin American country is a destination that will not break the bank to live in.

Now, that being said, there are many places – North American or otherwise – that are ‘cheap’ to live. But there’s more to a thriving, happy retirement then just living cheaply, right? Ecuador is one of those places that go above and beyond in the ‘cheap’ department. It’s tropical, friendly, offers incredible views throughout the country and yes, offers an affordable cost of living. 

Living Well in Ecuador

Not only can you retire in Ecuador without a hefty income, you can live well and actually enjoy yourself. And Ecuador has something for everyone… all at a fraction of what you’d pay in Europe or North America. Play a round of golf on spectacular courses that are so unoccupied you don’t even need to make a tee time. Or, treat yourself to a gourmet meal for the same price as you’d pay for a glass of wine and an appetizer in Toronto or New York. Not to mention all the fresh, organic fruits and veggies you’d typically pay through the nose for in North America, at local Ecuadorian markets at a tiny percentage of the price.

Just like other destinations in Latin America, aside from having stunning beauty and affordable property, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why Ecuador is the perfect retirement haven. That being said, an interesting point to consider is Ecuador’s emerging middle class. This country has long been in an economic lull… but that’s changing. For example, the International airport in Quito (the capital city) has just been rebuilt (it opened February 2013) and expanded, offering direct flights from Canada, the US and Europe. This is not only fantastic news for the local economy, but also for anyone looking for an investment opportunity in Ecuador.

Becoming Part of Ecuador’s Community

Snow-capped mountains, dense Amazon jungle, sun-soaked beaches and the famous Galapagos Islands… Ecuador is abundant in natural beauty! However, the real treasure of this country is its people. Ecuadorians reside everywhere from small fishing villages, jungle river towns to remote cattle ranches and lively colonial cities.

For some people, moving to a new country can be daunting, “how will locals receive me as a foreigner?” Ecuadorians are welcoming, friendly and eager to get to know new residents. As a new inhabitant of their country, you will be treated with respect and will be easily merged into their lifestyle and community.

Conveniences You Can Afford in Ecuador

Ok, so we know that Ecuador is beautiful and diverse in its geography and inhabitants and we know that property is incredibly affordable, but what about everything else? When you think retirement, you think dinners out, travel, a nice, reliable vehicle and maybe even help around the house. Well, Ecuador does not disappoint in any of these categories.  

Ecuador’s major cities are Quito (the capital), Guayaquil and Cuenca. They span the country from north to west (near the coast) to south, meaning that no matter where you choose to settle, you are within reasonable driving distance to one of them. They all offer first-world conveniences, restaurants, hotels and shopping. It’s easy enough to purchase a new car (possibly even made right in Ecuador!) or indulge in a world-class dinner for less then $50 (that’s including drinks!).

Essentially, if your annual income is only $17,000, you can live a very comfortable lifestyle in Ecuador. It’s not even unheard of for expats to own a house in the city as well as a beach house… or possibly even in another country! Thanks to such affordable property prices, retiring in Ecuador allows for expats to travel, own nice things or to participate in other pastimes and hobbies. Why not consider Ecuador as a retirement option?

What to see what Ecuador is all about before you consider it as a retirment or vacation home? We recommend visiting on a Discovery Weekend! You'll be fully taken care of by our Developer partner along Ecuador's stunning coast, and have an opportunity to imagine spending your future here...

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