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"Costa Rican radio stations play the national anthem every day at 7am"
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Costa Rica's Wild Side

Apr 24, 2013

Costa Rica\

It ranks number one on the Happy Planet Happiness Index. Quality of life and personal well being are revered and respected. There is no standing army, everyone has access to potable drinking water and health care is very affordable. It’s an easy country to reach from North American destinations, usually only a 3-5 hour flight. It ranks incredibly high (and is growing every year) as a tourist destination, and thanks to affordable real estate, is also a top retirement destination. Diverse wildlife, warm ocean waters, expansive beaches and happy, friendly inhabitants. Where is this enchanting place?!


This is Costa Rica, and this is only a sample of its appeal.

The Where International team has made our way down to the Southern Zone to visit Marcel at Pacific Properties and have an updated tour of the constantly evolving communities that are being built there.

We always find ourselves catching our breath when we visit this alluring area of Costa Rica. The landscapes are much different then the northern area of the country; just another reason Costa Rica has something for everyone! Within a day’s drive you can be in the metropolitan city of San Jose, in the spring-like Central Valley, surrounded by tourists in the Guanacaste Region or chilling on the calm and uncrowded beaches of the southern Nicoya Peninsula.

Telling Time… Costa Rica Style

“Did you sleep with your window open last night?” Marcel asked us at breakfast, after our first night in Pacific Properties’ lovely guesthouse.

He went on to elaborate that when he first moved down here, he would blast the air conditioning all night. Not having been accustomed to air conditioning year-round, he started to feel stuffy in the mornings, so turned the A/C off overnight, and opened his window instead. What a revelation this turned out to be!

“I pretty much packed my alarm clock away a few days later”, Marcel explained. “Between the howler monkeys, scarlet macaws and everything else out there, I never doubted the time of day again.” Well, you can imagine the next day’s breakfast! We had all slept with our windows open and were thoroughly entertained by the various sounds that wafted into our rooms throughout the early morning hours.

And apparently we weren’t the only ones Marcel had shared this secret with… a few other guests had gotten the same ‘memo’, leading to a lively discussion about what animals we all thought were making the various sounds.

You have to hand it to Marcel… a good marketing tool, and a great way to drum up conversation between visiting potential buyers!

Civility and Nature in Harmony

The communities that Pacific Properties are building, and have been building, are nestled in among the lush and fertile tundra of Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. Anyone building in Costa Rica has to follow strict rules put in place by the country’s government, ensuring environmental protection. In addition to the regulations they have to follow, Pacific Properties has hundreds of acres put aside that will never be developed, simply of their own will. Not only does this benefit the existing flora and fauna, but also provides green space for the residents of these communities.

During our few days at the Pacific Properties guest house, we chit-chat with several other guests… one couple, Stewart and Melissa, are looking for a mountain-view lot to sit on for a couple of years before they build. “For $40,000 we had to come and see it for ourselves!” Says Melissa, still amazed at the incredible property prices this area of Costa Rica still has available. After the property tour though, it seems that they may now be leaning towards an ocean view… “For only $90,000 we can wake up to this”, Stewart sweeps his arm towards the glistening Pacific, “every day. The mountain view seemed like a good idea back home, but now that we’re here, it’s hard to justify not getting an ocean view!”

We’ve really enjoyed our time in the Southern Zone, touring around the area with Marcel and visiting the evolving communities that Pacific Properties is building. By signing up for a Discovery Weekend, you can enjoy the same kind of experience.

For only $299 you will receive 4 days/3 nights at the on-site guesthouse, airport pick-up, food and beverage and a full property tour, which includes existing homes, homes under construction and available property. There is no sales pressure during a Discovery Weekend… this is an opportunity for you to explore the area and see if your future is in Costa Rica’s wild Southern Zone!

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