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"Costa Rican radio stations play the national anthem every day at 7am"
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Costa Rica's Southern Zone - So Much For So Little!

May 27, 2013

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s southern zone is a lush, dramatically landscaped oasis for people looking to visit or purchase a retirement or second home.

With endless (almost deserted) beaches, mountains of vivid green forest and plenty of restaurant and shopping options, it’s not hard to see why this area of Costa Rica has been steadily bringing in a variety of people, from surfers trying to escape the more crowded beaches to wanderlust backpackers getting away from the ‘touristy’ destinations; and more recently… future (or existing) expats looking for a deal on property in paradise (only $150,000 for views of the majestic Pacific Ocean is hard to ignore!)

No doubt about it, the beaches in Costa Rica’s southern zone are well worth visiting and viewing from your ocean view home’s backyard. Vast, unspoiled and plentiful… they are one of the main draws for this part of the country.

But there’s more to this region of the country then it’s spectacular coast. If you head in the opposite direction, inland, and go 1000 feet up, you’ll see the ocean-view’s main competition… breath-taking vistas of verdant forest blanketing rolling mountains as far as the eye can see.

Often referred to as ‘mountain-view’, this scarcely expresses the reality.

Mixed between dramatic rock cliffs and striking landscapes (most prominent during the rainy season between May and October), you’ll also see a patchwork of farmer’s cattle and farm fields.

Although these incredible views offer a front row seat to sure-footed cows perilously perched on mountainsides grazing, you’ll also have a ‘birds eye’ view of Costa Rica’s limitless and exotic wildlife! Toucans, scarlet macaws, howler monkeys and two-toed sloths, just to name a few.

The views and affordability (mountain view lots can go for as low as $95,000) are only part of the attraction to consider buying in the hills. With fresh breezes coming down from the mountains, air conditioning is pretty much a non-requirement. Many who live up here simply open windows and patio doors to allow the cool air to create a natural conditioning of the air! But that’s when you’re in your home… you’ll likely find that time actually spent inside is limited. With almost as much time spent on designing your outdoor spaces, you likely won’t find yourself inside for much more then the necessities. Plus, if a beach day is in order, a mere 20-minute car ride will have you sinking your toes in the warm coastal sand and surf.

Despite Costa Rica’s southern zone being ‘away from it all’, there is no lack of civility and indulgences. The towns of Ojochal, Uvita and San Isidro del General are all within driving distance and offer a huge variety of big and small shopping and dining options as well as a recently built hospital.

This part of the country can definitely give you incredible value… spectacular views, close proximity to several beaches, varied climate and low property prices. Does it get any better?

And all homes (either custom or turn-key) built with Pacific Properties are built to North American standards, featuring all the comforts of home. With hundreds of already happy expats living in their various properties, Pacific Properties can point you in the direction that you’re dreaming of, and maybe even some directions that you didn’t even know were options – such as the ‘mountain view’ lot that you didn’t think you wanted… 

Want to visit Marcel and the team at Pacific Properties? Go HERE to sign up for a Discovery Weekend and get a full tour of the area, existing homes and properties available with your name on them!

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