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Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula... Maintain Your Sanity, Naturally

Jan 24, 2014

Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula is a beautiful, biologically diverse area of Costa Rica. Well… who are we kidding… these are terms that could easily describe the entire country! 

But the Peninsula is different… it has an individuality all it’s own. Although it’s not completely off the beaten path (you have the option of taking a ferry or a small plane), it’s an area of Costa Rica that not many folks simply ‘stumble upon’. For most, coming to this ‘no frills’ area of the country is a planned trip… because they know how awesome it is!

There’s more to the Nicoya Peninsula then awesomeness though… we’ve touched on it in a few different articles; this is one of the few ‘Blue Zones’ known around the world (go HERE to read more). And, although being in a ‘Blue Zone’ bodes well for those that have lived here their entire lives, you might wonder how it could change your life, if at all, should you choose to make this your long-term home. 

It’s likely no shock to any of our readers to know that Alzheimer’s, and dementia in general, are becoming more prevalent in North America. There are a variety of theories as to why this is the case, but even more important then the ‘why’ is figuring out how to combat this debilitating disease. Not surprisingly, lifestyle and diet play a huge part in the equation… 

In early 2013, Dr. Neal Barnard released a book called Power Foods For The Brain. In it, he talks about the benefits of following a plant-based diet, staying away from cholesterol-laden foods and the importance of physical activity (you can read the entire interview HERE), all in the interest of preserving your mind. 

Now, to most of you, this is not new news. Although genes do play a part in our current and future mental health, there are still measures we can take to try and ensure we stay sharp well into our golden years – eat pure, non-processed foods, embrace physical fitness and exercise our minds. 

So why do you need to move to the Nicoya Peninsula to achieve these goals? Quite simply, because this stunning area of Costa Rica makes achieving all the above-mentioned a part of everyday life. Here, fruit and veggies are cheaper and easier to come by then overly processed foods, physical activity is just part of life (walk to the beach, walk to the market, swim, play golf, play tennis) and as for exercising your mind? Well… by simply making a move from your native home, you’re working your brain – it takes a great deal of mental agility to relocate your life! Pair that with learning a new language and assimilating into a new culture, and you’re already on your way to better mental health!

The bottom line… protecting yourself against serious illness of any kind is top of mind for any self-respecting person, especially if living in a foreign country is on your radar. By living in an area such as the Nicoya Peninsula, you cut your chances of developing dementia significantly… and naturally. Done simply by adopting the local way of living.

Are you ready to check this relaxing refuge out for yourself? Head to the Nicoya Peninsula on a Discovery Weekend and get a sneak peek at what your life could look like…  

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