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"It only takes 3 hours (car) or 45 min (plane) to travel from one coast of Costa Rica to the other!"
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Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula - Just Waiting for YOU!

May 10, 2013

Costa Rica

The adage in Costa Rica is Pura Vida... Pure Life. If you’ve already been lucky enough to visit this beautiful country, you’re well versed with this ‘motto’ – everyone says it and everyone lives by it. But what it means to any specific individual can be very personal. For Alan and Faith of Victoria, British Columbia, pura vida meant downsizing, simplifying and re-focusing.

After long, successful careers, Alan and Faith were enjoying their retirement in a beautiful home, in a lovely community; but they felt they were missing something… they just couldn’t put their finger on it. Three years into their retirement of spending time volunteering and remodeling their home, they realized what it was they were missing… adventure.

They had long been considering Costa Rica as a vacation destination; they just hadn’t made the trip yet…

And although they’d travelled all over the world, when they landed at Costa Rica’s Liberia International Airport, both Alan and Faith felt a calm come over them. “I don’t know what it was”, Faith explains. “It just felt ‘right’”.

Faith and Alan aren’t much for ‘touristy’ destinations, and had planned to begin their Costa Rican adventure on the Nicoya Peninsula. The plan was to take a commuter flight with Sansa Airlines from Liberia to San Jose and then to the small airstrip in Playa Tambor. Being a bit of a self-proclaimed ‘plane junkie’, Alan admits that this may have been the highlight for him… “Not only was the Sansa flight economical, but what a spectacular way to see some countryside!”

Once landing in Playa Tambor, they picked up their rental car and started driving south. They had both done a bit of surfing in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it, so figured they would head to Santa Teresa first, where they had booked a bed and breakfast for the first few nights. Unfortunately, their experience at the bed and breakfast was not great, but they loved the area, which made up for the lack of service and even more lacking breakfast. (Thankfully, there are plenty of incredibly affordable places to eat breakfast in Santa Teresa!)

An ‘Epiphany’

Over the next couple of weeks Alan and Faith relaxed, explored, ate, drank and enjoyed the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. They met wonderful, free-spirited people that shared the same views that they did, and were always surprised when they heard of their backgrounds – bankers, government workers, a police officer… all now living in this tiny corner of Costa Rica. Many having come here the same way that Alan and Faith had… looking for ‘something more’ and looking for a way to inject some adventure into their lives.

Although they stayed in a variety of accommodations, Faith couldn’t forget about that first bed and breakfast they had stayed in. She kept coming up with ideas of how much better it could have been and what they could have done to enhance the experience; after all, the location was perfect! She kept sharing these ideas with Alan, who finally just said, “Well, why don’t we just move here and open our own bed and breakfast?” He said this somewhat jokingly, but that was all Faith needed to hear to start the wheels turning…

The remainder of their trip was spent talking excitedly about their future plans. They even looked at a possible property! It needed some work, but they had always owned ‘fixer-uppers’, so that was nothing new to them.

When they got home to Canada, their plans were put into full motion. In fact, getting home just made the decision that much easier. Everyone was in such a rush to get somewhere, and they weren’t at all friendly about it!  

When Alan and Faith shared their ideas with family and friends, it came as a bit of a surprise, but not a complete shock. “Somehow they all knew that we wouldn’t be able to simply ‘retire’. I guess we were just in denial!” Exclaimed Faith.

Their house sold quickly, along with most of their material belongings and vehicles. Fast-forward five years, and Alan and Faith are living out a dream they didn’t even know they had… they own a piece of property between Santa Teresa and Montezuma on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. They’ve got fruit trees in the back, and a view of the ocean in the front. They’ve had guests from all over the world stay at their bed and breakfast, and are continuously making changes and upgrades as they get feedback from their patrons. Their pace of life is slower, and they’re enjoying a ‘pure life’ to the fullest.

Just because you’re ‘retired’, doesn’t mean you have to ‘retire’. You may just be closing one chapter and be looking to start a new one. If you’d like to visit Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, you can… it’s as easy as signing up for a Discovery Weekend! Our developer partner, Pacific Blue Developments, will pick you up at San Jose’s International Airport, accommodate you at their guesthouse and make sure you’re well taken care of. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the area and look at the spectacular properties available. Who knows, maybe your own business is just waiting for you to find it… Pura Vida!

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