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Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula - An Ideal Destination for the Young and the Young at Heart

Aug 28, 2013

Costa Rica

As soon as the first frost hits the ground and those dreaded white flakes start to fall, many folks living in the Northern Hemisphere hit the pavement planning their winter getaways. For those lucky enough to have a home in a tropical destination, this is usually the indicator to run from the snow and ice and move to the sun and sand… only to return when the grass is green and the days are long. 

But how does one go about choosing the right destination – regardless of whether it’s short or long-term? Especially if you’re looking to do more then simply sit on a beach chair, eat at buffet lines and remain confined within the walls of a resort or retirement condo complex?

Enter Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula… a beautiful, ecologically diverse stretch of land that extends down the northwest side of the country. It’s not the first area of Costa Rica that comes up when you do a ‘Google search’, but it’s 100% worth the extra research… 

Activities Anyone Can Participate in… Really!

Aside from it being overpriced (go HERE to discover a development that isn’t), there’s a common misconception about Costa Rica being an adventure-lovers destination… and don’t get us wrong, it definitely can be! But, it’s also a bird watching, beach strolling, golf playing, spa indulging destination. In fact, Costa Rica is a country that can appease all personality temperaments and the Nicoya Peninsula is home to all (plus more!) of them.

The inhabitants of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula certainly don’t rest on their laurels. Known as one of the world’s ‘Blue Zones’ (you can read more about this HERE), this section of Costa Rica is home to some of the most active centenarians you’ll ever meet. And, even if you’re not an ‘active’ person by nature, you will no doubt pick up a couple of tips from these folks on how to live a long, happy and healthy life. 

The word ‘activity’ can conjure up all kinds of thoughts… ‘Will I have to break a sweat’? ‘How much does it cost?’ The nice thing about the activities you can do on the peninsula is that they don’t have to include either of those notions… although there are plenty of options where both can come into play.

Wildlife & Eco-Tourism
Even if you don’t have a particular fascination with birds or wildlife in your native home, you may be surprised at how excited you get when you see the unbelievable amount of birds, monkeys and lizards there are in Costa Rica! And part of the fun is that you really don’t have to look very hard… they’re everywhere, you just have to know where to look. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, take a sightseeing tour on horseback of the beautiful flora and fauna, or if you want to set your own pace, simply take a stroll and absorb the sights, sounds and smells.
The Nicoya Peninsula is also home to the Curu Wildlife Refuge. For a minimal entrance fee ($10) you can explore the trails, beaches and multitude of wildlife native to Costa Rica… all in one place! They even have a few cabins available (solar-powered) right on the beach for those looking to be ‘at one’ with nature.

The beaches on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula are almost as diverse as the wildlife… again, depending on the level of activity you’re looking to expend, there’s a beach for you.
The Bahia Ballena, in Playa Tambor (go HERE to learn more about visiting this stunning area) boasts calm waters and a wide, sandy beach. Perfect for small kids and anyone else apprehensive about swimming or wading in the ocean.
Fancy a bit more action? Just outside of the bay, or further down to the southern tip of the Peninsula, you’ll find world-class surf to enjoy and play in. Boogie boarding and surfing are popular off the beaches in Santa Teresa and can accommodate surfers of all levels. You can take lessons, rent boards and grab a snack and drink afterwards… all within easy walking distance of the beach.

Golf, Tennis, Yoga, Spas
When you want a break from the sand and surf or a change in outdoor scenery, the Nicoya Peninsula can once again accommodate. With a variety of high-end resorts in the area, the options to enjoy a round of golf or play a game of tennis are available. If slower and relaxing ways to spend a day are more your speed, sign up for a pampering spa day or yoga class.

Part of the beauty of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is that there are very few resorts. This is actually true for most of the country, although certain areas that attract a large number of tourists do house more resort-style settings. That being said, the couple of resorts that do call the Peninsula home offer services (including incredible dining options!) that are available to non-guests as well. This is a huge draw for those living in the area as it means they can stay in their own backyard and not venture off the Peninsula.

If you’ve considered purchasing property in Costa Rica, but have heard stories about how it’s become overrun with expats – thereby sending prices soaring – you haven’t visited the Nicoya Peninsula! This is an undiscovered frontier… here, the odd expat, tourist and the locals live and mingle together. There may not be any franchised, chain stores or restaurants, but the amenities and necessities are plentiful and easily accessible. Health clinics, banks, car mechanics, beauty salons, grocery stores… anything you could possibly want or need is available on the Peninsula. And if you feel like a trip to an urban center, it’s as easy as jumping on a commuter flight, which will take you right to Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, in 25 minutes.

And the affordable property we mentioned? It is, in fact, still available on the Nicoya Peninsula. Ocean views, mountain views… whatever your heart desires. And Pacific Properties would love to show it to you! Visit on a Discovery Weekend and you’ll have an opportunity to explore the surrounding areas and towns, check out the property options and see if it fits the lifestyle you dream about…

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