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Choosing the American Dream... on Ecuador's Coast

Aug 14, 2013

Choosing the American Dream... on Ecuador

Every year thousands of people from around the world move their lives and families to North America to live and provide a better life then they had, or can give their children, in their native land.

And for those born and raised in North America? Chances are you were (and still are) constantly barraged with the expectations of what life should look like; where you should live, what you should wear and where you should work… even if you have wonderful, supportive friends and family, with media and advertising companies constantly defining the ‘ideal life’, the pressure is palpable.

Interesting how, when discussing the ‘American Dream’, they (whomever ‘they’ are…) always forget to mention that you will likely still be paying off student loans while trying to buy your first home… that purchasing a car costs much more then just the sticker price (insurance, repairs, gas, etc)… that even though you have the car and house, you still need to fill it with nice furniture, high-tech electronics and closets full of name-brand clothes… whew! Just thinking about it all is enough to give most people heart palpitations! Especially when considering the debt that kind of lifestyle puts most folks in…

But that’s not the end of it. For some, all that planning and hard-earned worth that you worked tirelessly to save was all flushed down the North American drain because of bad decisions made by people other then yourself.

Ok… so this may not be the best article to show people if they’re planning a move into this part of the world. But what about those of you stuck in it?! Do you feel like you’ve ‘made it’?

If you feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel instead of living out your dreams, it may be time for a change…  

Is it Time to Revamp Your Lifestyle?

Changes come in all shapes and sizes… sometimes it can be as straightforward as managing your budget more stringently or re-calibrating your thoughts on what makes you happy. Or, it can be more complicated, such as losing your retirement savings or your job. Interestingly enough, these are the types of changes that lead to something much more monumental, such as a move abroad… you begin recognizing that a fancy car and corner office don’t define who you are or who you will be – if you ever get there. 

Ecuador’s coast is simple, relaxed and easy-going. The people here aren’t complicated or materialistic. They work hard for what they have and embrace time spent with friends and family.

What’s fascinating is that these simple fundamentals are the basis of many people’s association with the ‘American dream’. Perhaps for those that choose to make the move to Ecuador’s coast, this is the American dream… who ever said it had to mean North America?

And not only can you enjoy the simpler things in life, but you can do it all on a much smaller budget. Fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant, the Pacific offers a bounty of various delicacies daily and pork, chicken and dry goods are available to you at village markets that dot the coast. And, when you can’t find what you need locally, a short drive to the bustling city of Salinas will not only service your grocery requirements, but also quench your need for mall shopping, theatres and all the amenities a big city has to offer.

The appeal of living along Ecuador’s southern coast isn’t all about the relaxed lifestyle though… with people only just discovering this hidden oasis now, property prices are incredibly low. Like… really low. Imagine trying to buy a piece of land with a view like the one below along an American coast… pretty much an impossible dream for many!

But along Ecuador’s coast, a view like this isn’t just a ‘good deal’… it’s downright cheap! Walk to the beach from your 3-bedroom, 2 bath turn-key home for $90,000 or build your dream home on a vacant piece of land for less then $100 a square foot… 

Granted, making a change, especially one as monumental as moving to Ecuador, isn’t for everyone. Ecuador isn’t anything like North America in terms of infrastructure and amenities, and likely never will be (which, incidentally, is part of why people want to move there!) But if you know that a change is necessary for your health, well-being and pocketbook, this just may be it. The only pre-requisites are an open mind, adventurous spirit and the motivation to make a change. 

Think Ecuador may be the right choice for you? Visit the southern coast on a Discovery Weekend and let our developer partner show you just how incredible a life here can be! Relax on the beach, enjoy sunset cocktails and see some incredible property that you won’t believe is as affordable as it is!

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