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"Honduras was formerly known as Spanish Honduras in order to differentiate itself from Belize, which was previously known as British Honduras."
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Beaches In Honduras

Nov 28, 2012

Beaches In Honduras

With over 400 miles of Caribbean coastline, it’s not hard to find a beach in Honduras that will fill everyone’s dreams and desires. Clear, warm, turquoise water combined with soft, white sand is the epitome of beach destinations for travelers – and Honduras does not disappoint! In addition to the mainland beaches of Honduras, the Bay Islands, approximately 29 km’s off shore, offer stunning beaches that will take your breath away. As spectacular as the Caribbean beaches of Honduras are, we would be remiss to not recognize the beaches on the South Pacific as well. Facing the Gulfo de Fonseca (Gulf of Fonseca), Honduras shares it’s Pacific Ocean bay with El Salvador and Nicaragua. Although few, there are most certainly coastal towns and beaches in this part of Honduras. Let’s have a look at the various beach options Honduras has to offer:

Beaches in Honduras - Caribbean Coast

Shorelines that appear to go on forever, lush jungles filled with boisterous wildlife and mountains that scrape the heavens describe the Caribbean beaches of Honduras. This area also has a much different vibe from the rest of the country. The local residents, expatriates or otherwise and visitors enjoy dancing, partying and having an overall more vociferous way of life. Some of the more popular beaches on the Caribbean coast include:

Tela – located about an hour and a half from both San Pedro Sula in the east and La Ceiba in the west – both major cities in Honduras – Tela is considered to be one of the best beaches in Honduras. A wide variety of restaurants and resorts, not to mention a plethora of water activities and attractions make Tela a premier beach destination in Honduras favored by local Hondurans and tourists alike.

Puerto Cortes – as the main seaport for Honduras, Puerto Cortes is easily accessible by ship (only 48 hours from Miami) and even docks cruise ships. There is certainly no lack of activities to enjoy in Puerto Cortes as well. Restaurants, movie theatres and a weekly farmers market are just a few options to you. If more rugged activity is your preference, biking and hiking along the trails to a secluded waterfall to take in the incredible views, is easily accessible from Puerto Cortes.

Omoa – only 10 miles from Puerto Cortes, Omoa Beach in Honduras boasts lovely sandy shores that are less populated then those at Puerto Cortes. Restaurants, spas and water parks are all available in Omoa, and for those on a budget, you can simply enjoy watching the abundant dolphins that claim the area as one of their habitats.

Trujillo – this is Honduras’ oldest settlement and has the feel of a sleepy, forgotten corner of the country where no one is in a hurry to do anything. The beach in Trujillo rivals that of Tela – a friendly competition of which location houses the “best” beach in Honduras. Being a bit off the beaten path – with no airport, a 3-hour bus ride from La Ceiba is the easiest way to access Trujillo – has it’s benefits. Residents and tourists appreciate the serene vibe and laidback lifestyle.

La Ceiba – this beach was not always known as one of the best beaches in Honduras. Being more highly populated then some of the other options, La Ceiba has worked hard at cleaning up its beach and making it a destination. Affordable accommodations and restaurants are plentiful and a walk around town offers many new monuments, statues, fountains and tourist attractions to take in.

Beaches in Honduras – The Bay Islands

White powdery sand, transparent water and copious amounts of underwater life, these emerald islands and their coral cays offer incredible beaches in Honduras. The Bay Islands are comprised of 3 main islands and offer affordable, world-class diving second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Thanks to more then 200 years of British ownership, the primary language spoken on the Bay Islands is English, making them very appealing to North American tourists and expats alike.

Roatan – the largest of the Bay Islands, Roatan has many beautiful and secluded Honduras Beaches on its northern shores. Easily accessed from North America and Europe via it’s own airport, it is the most popular destination for those looking for a tropical vacation. It also tends to be more populated and less affordable then it’s Bay Island neighbors.

Utila – the smaller of the Bay Islands, Utila is home to some of the most striking beaches in Honduras. Boasting several white sand beaches along its coast, it also has a manmade beach in its main town. Due to the popularity of Roatan, Utila is an affordable option for those looking for a Honduras beach vacation.

Guanaja – the least visited of the Bay Islands, Guanaja is a location for those looking to escape the every day. With limited resorts and difficult accessibility, it’s all about quality over quantity. A Honduras beach vacation on Guanaja Island will have you thinking you’re in a high-end travel magazine. It tends to be a bit more expensive because of its exclusivity and impression of being funky and remote.

Beaches in Honduras – The Pacific Coast

It’s easy to lose sight of the beaches in Honduras on the south Pacific Coast, with the popularity of the northern Caribbean coast being more heavily promoted. That being said, there is most certainly a couple worth mentioning!

Cedeño – thanks to its proximity to Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, Cedeño has vibrant weekend nightlife. The beaches are decent, but can be hammered with fierce waves, depending on the season, despite the protection of the Gulf of Fonseca, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

Isla del Tigre – a small, volcanic island, practically within throwing distance from the mainland, offers a few beaches, good seafood and an alluring lost-in-time feel. The beaches on this Honduran island are certainly worth visiting for their warm waters, which are becoming more popular to cruise shippers.

Overall, beaches in Honduras offer a diverse mix of scenery, atmosphere and restaurants or accommodation to suit every budget. Why not visit Honduras yourself to put your own stamp of approval – or not! – On the beaches of Honduras.

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