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"A conflict between Honduras and El Salvador has become known as the Football (Soccer) war."
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Affordable Caribbean Living? Yes Please!

Aug 23, 2013

Affordable Caribbean Living? Yes Please!

Aaahhh… the Caribbean Sea; typically synonymous with warm, clear turquoise water, powder-white sand and relaxing vacation time. Not usually with affordable property…

But what if we told you that you could actually own your own home on the shores of the Caribbean… for a price that won’t leave your wallet bare?

Well, consider yourself told. Trujillo, located on Honduras’ mainland, is a charming, laid-back town with incredible beaches and amazingly affordable property.

Towering green mountains, lush with trees and foliage, offer picture-postcard views down to the shimmering waters below. Bright bougainvillea and hibiscus fill gardens and passion fruit vines cascade over porch railings. Wide ribbons of powdery beach appear to go on forever, with many near Trujillo being quiet and uncrowded. Perfect for packing a picnic, a good book and setting up camp for the day… simply enjoying the gentle waters and shade provided by the swaying palms. 

Now imagine being able to walk from your custom-built home down to these luxurious beaches. Although it may sound like something only the ‘rich’ folks can do, that couldn’t be further from the truth… 

Paul and Lucia of Caribbean Lots (go HERE to learn more!) have some incredibly affordable property options in their Trujillo development… including lots right down near the beach or up in the hills overlooking the pristine Caribbean waters and lush, surrounding hills.

Aside from awesome views, the prices may just knock your socks off… $55,000 to $85,000, depending on what kind of view you feel like waking up to each morning. And to top it off, have your custom home built – to North American standards, we should add – for only $70 - $100 a square foot.  

Of course, when you build your home in a location as beautiful as Trujillo, Honduras, it’s all about the outdoor living space… pool, terrace, outdoor kitchen, gardens – the only limit is what your imagination can conjure! After all, when you have the privacy of your own place in a vacation-worthy setting, chances are you’ll prefer spending your time outside enjoying the warm, fresh air…


Investing in the Future

As beautiful as Trujillo is, Honduras’ mainland still plays second fiddle to the popular Bay Islands, specifically Roatan. But with increasingly high property prices and an expanding expat population, the Bay Islands are becoming more and more busy.

Great to visit though! And given that they’re only about 70 km’s off of Trujillo’s coast, it’s an easy day or weekend get-away. 

All this being said, Honduras’ mainland – specifically Trujillo – is starting to garner some attention of it’s own. Although it continues to bring new people to the area with beautiful beaches and a rich history, the development of the new Banana Coast cruise ship port is creating a lot of buzz… especially as construction continues to move forward.

As a matter of fact, Trujillo’s new port already has its first ship scheduled! The Holland America Line has added Banana Coast onto its Caribbean itinerary for 2014/2015… pretty exciting news indeed. 

No matter where in the world you live or own real estate in, if there’s new development happening in the vicinity – especially the kind that draws people such as restaurants, shops and activities – your existing property value will go up.

This is no different in Trujillo, Honduras.  

Certainly, there is still work to be completed on the port and no doubt growing pains to go through, but this area of Honduras is at the onset of a ‘boom’. And growth here translates into rising property prices… but for now, they’re still in the affordable range. But it’s hard to say how long they’ll stay there. Once people start learning and experiencing this beautiful area, it’s only a matter of time before they want to come back…

If you’re looking for an excellent real estate investment, with gorgeous views and stunning surroundings as a bonus, Trujillo may just be the place for you. Visit Caribbean Lots on a Discovery Weekend and get a tour of the town, surrounding areas and of course, the progression of the Banana Coast port! 

Go HERE to book your Trujillo Discovery Weekend


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