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"The five stars on the Honduran flag represents the five countries in Central America. "
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A Hidden Gem in Costa Rica

Apr 15, 2013

A Hidden Gem in Costa Rica

Recently, a couple of us from Where International were doing some recon work in Costa Rica in preparation for an upcoming Discovery Weekend with Mike and Judy at Pacific Blue in Playa Tambor.

Unfortunately, the group (an extended family hoping to purchase homes all together in a cul-de-sac) that was scheduled to arrive had a last-minute emergency, pushing their arrival back by a few days.

Seeing as we were already on the Peninsula, we changed our plans slightly and went on our own tour in the southern-most areas.










While enjoying a delicious lunch of fresh civiche and wood-fired pizza in Santa Teresa, we got chatting with Phil, an American from Ohio who’s lived in the area for the past 3 years. “I love to surf”, he told us, “and the options in this part of Costa Rica are endless!” He went on to tell us that he first fell in love with this part of the country over 10 years ago during a vacation with his family and actually told them at that time that he would one day live here. “It didn’t happen as fast as I thought it would”, he laughed, “but I just couldn’t shake this country from my head, and I would practice surfing on my bed so that when I moved here I’d remember what to do!”

Phil is just a young guy, maybe in his early 30’s. He lives between Santa Teresa and Playa Tambor with two other guys. He tells us that he’s really the only surfer in the group, and hopes to soon buy closer to the beach. One of his friends is really into sport fishing and works on a boat, taking tourists out on the open water. The other friend is an artist and spends his days finding inspiration for his next masterpiece.

The one thing these three guys have in common is their love of peace, quiet and privacy. They have everything they need in this area of Costa Rica, without having to breathe polluted air, fight for space on the beach or battle with traffic. And despite their differences in hobbies and jobs, the Nicoya Peninsula can appease all three of them.

Phil continues to make an income online doing web design, and business has been picking up. He’s got his eye on a place in Mal Pais, just outside of Santa Teresa, that he can easily afford on his own. He doesn’t see himself leaving Costa Rica anytime soon and although enjoys travelling to other areas of the country, will maintain his home base in the Nicoya Peninsula. “It’s a real hidden gem”, he says with a big smile on his face, and with a wink, making us “promise” that we won’t spread the word about his secret paradise. There’s limited tourist activity in this part of the country, and that’s just the way he likes it.

Our family group did end up arriving in Playa Tambor safe and sound. They loved the guesthouse and raved about the fantastic food prepared by Veronica, the house chef. They were excited about choosing their lots, and couldn’t believe that despite being so far out in the country, they were still so close to fun nightlife, exotic restaurants and fantastic shopping.

After an exhilarating 4 days, they hopped on their Sansa commuter flight back to San Jose’s International airport to return to Toronto, Canada. They’d taken a ton of pictures and couldn’t wait to show off their new acquisitions to friends back home.

It’s always exciting when guests come to a country for a Discovery Weekend. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and it’s easy to forget that we’re actually “working”! With such incredible hosts at all of our developer partner locations, it’s not necessary for our staff to be present, but if we have an opportunity to be there, it’s not one we’re quick to pass up.

To learn about how you can visit Mike and Judy in Playa Tambor on a Discovery Weekend, go HERE to learn more.

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