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"Costa Rica does not have an army, the constitution prohibits it! Just local police are present."
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A First-Class Location with First-Class Views... Without First-Class Pricing!

Jun 14, 2013

A First-Class Location with First-Class Views... Without First-Class Pricing!

When you first arrive to Ecuador’s south Pacific coast, you may be surprised to find near-deserted beaches… After all, with endless spans of wide, golden sand flanked by crashing waves and lush rolling hills and mountains, you’d think this coastal area of Ecuador would be packed with locals and tourists alike, right?

It’s not as though people don’t know about this region of coastal Ecuador, you’ll likely see a couple of surfers trying to find the perfect wave, or maybe someone walking their dog towards the towering bluffs way yonder, but for the most part, the beach is quiet, peaceful and undisturbed.

This is especially interesting, because Ecuador’s south Pacific coast is a first-class location in this beautiful country. Tree-covered mountains and hills slope down to the warm, soft sandy beach that really does seem to go on forever. You’ll see surf schools, eco-resorts and charming towns and fishing villages that can accommodate even the pickiest of palates with their abundant restaurants and bars. But if you’re looking for skyscrapers, shopping malls or row upon row of cookie-cutter homes, you best head further down the coast; these characteristics are non-existent along this quaint stretch of the Pacific.

There’s no real reason why this stretch of coast is so tranquil… but it’s certainly the ideal location for a vacation or retirement home.

Tourists and local Ecuadorians tend to be drawn towards Salinas, the large, coastal city located only an hour away. They come to relax on the beach, enjoy the boardwalk, indulge in various cuisines and stay in fancy hotels. However, it’s rare that the mainstream tourist would make that extra hour or so drive up the coast. They really don’t know what they’re missing…

But we look at this as a good thing… especially for those of you looking to buy cheap property. Not being the most popular locale along the coast means that property prices are still exceptionally affordable. In addition, not only does Salinas tend to get the majority of tourist visitors, but being only an hour away from a large city means that you don’t have to give up the conveniences and services an urban center can provide.

These are some examples of what you’ll find along this coastal paradise:
·       Turn-key homes for under $100,000
·       Property with breathtaking ocean (and sunset!) views for less then $50,000
·       Sophisticated ocean view condos with high-end finishes for $135,000
No doubt about it, your real estate dollar buys a whole lot more here… 

And, imagine how wonderful your quality of life will be… fresh fruits and veggies from the local market, meeting friends for a coffee in one of the cute cafes, walking or jogging along the packed sand while the water tickles your toes… no stress, no pressure, no hassle; just spectacular views, delicious food and enjoyable company. 

Want your real estate dollars to stretch further then you thought possible? Ecuador’s south Pacific coast will do that for you! And what better way to check this majestic coast out for yourself, then a Discovery Weekend?! You can feel the warm sand, taste the scrumptious food and check the spectacular views out for yourself! You’ll have an opportunity to meet the developer and be shown around the available properties – both turnkey homes and vacant lots.

Go HERE now to book your Discovery Weekend on Ecuador’s south Pacific coast!

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