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The Wonderful Beaches of Costa Rica

Nov 20, 2012

The Wonderful Beaches of Costa Rica

Situated in Central America, Costa Rica has lately become a number one travel destination, which is easy to understand given its bio-diversity, its natural beauty and its wonderful people. It is also well known for its great beaches, having nearly 300 beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Actually, the name Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish. It’s quite easy to trust the name, since almost two thirds of the borders of Costa Rica are coastline.

Eco Tourism in Costa Rica

Eco tourism is something to appreciate in Costa Rica. Development of the infrastructure ensures easy access to almost anywhere you’d like to go. More and more people come to enjoy the beauty of this country and many will especially appreciate the beaches. One can find beaches with different sand colors – white, black, brown – and others that have many shells and rocks scattered around. There are beaches that are great for swimming and others that are good for surfing.

You can choose to relax in the sun and enjoy the wonderful views by the shore or to challenge your limits with water sports. Professional surfers will find great places for enjoying their favorite sport the way they expect to. Comfort standards have been raised in all beach hotels, and now those who prefer luxury can find it. Those who want peaceful settings for yoga practice can find yoga retreats, and those who want to enjoy their honeymoon will find appealing packages to choose from. There is a beach for everyone who visits Costa Rica!

Both untouched and developed beaches can be found, so different preferences are easily satisfied. The sportive types can go snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing or can practice any other water sports. Those who especially aim to connect with nature can enjoy bird watching or whale and dolphin watching. Or, get a chance to observe the marine turtles while they lay their eggs. And of course, there are always amazing sunrises and sunsets. There are cruises that can be enjoyed and the wild types can opt for a zip line canopy tour.

Let’s Explore a Few Beaches in Particular

There are numerous beaches in Costa Rica, each of them unique and beautiful in their own way. Out of them, the most popular ones are Manuel Antonio, Playa Dominical and Montezuma.

  • Manuel Antonio is a beach where horseshoe bays are bordered by white sands. The waters have a beautiful blue-green color and the hilltops are flourished with jungle and streaming waterfalls. Here, one can dive, snorkel, surf, kayak or explore the terrain while hiking or enjoying a zip line tour.

  • The Playa Dominical is a beach is south of Manuel Antonio National Park, about 30 miles, and is known to be a great surfing beach. Surf camps and surf shops are all around. Those who are not into surfing, however, will appreciate the wonderful green landscape, the fine sands or maybe the nightlife.

  • Montezuma is another interesting location, found in the inner base of the Nicoya peninsula. It is known for the variety of people. The locals and the travelers, people such as dreadlocked Rastafarians, bohemians with tattoos, UFO seekers, yoga enthusiasts and wild surfers. One will enjoy the beautiful nature once again, as tide pools and forested waterfalls can amaze the eye.

Other Beaches and Places You Really Must Visit

The Caribbean side offers the eco-tourist fantasy, Tortuguero. Exotic activities can be experienced here, such as touring down jungle canals with dugout canoes or hiking. There are sixteen Costa Rican endangered animal species that can be found in the Tortuguero National Park, such as tapirs, manatees, ocelots and green sea turtles.

Another example of a great beach is Playa Tamarindo. Those who are into shopping will especially like it. Aside from the beautiful landscapes, it can be an interesting and exciting experience to see the giant leatherback turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

To continue our travel along the shore, we will move on to Corcovado, another place with wonderful beaches. Here, the sands are dark and shaded by palm trees, while the inland, a mountainous area, is covered with jungles that offer home to some of Costa Rica’s most distinctive animal species. Boat excursions are a good choice for spending time nicely, as diving becomes an option and the ancient stone spheres of the inland can be examined.

Silky soft white sands can be enjoyed at Playa Nacascolo, the nicest beach on the Papagayo Peninsula. Here, the waters are safe from ocean swells and are lovely for swimming.

South of Tamarindo, a long white-sanded beach can be found, Playa Avellanas. Stretching for miles and backed by mangrove forests, it is a beach that is especially preferred by surfers.

Playa Samara is another example of a lovely beach, but some will find the beaches around it even more interesting, as they are the least developed ones along the whole of the Guanacaste coast. For example, Playa Carrillo is almost always deserted, a nice long beach with white sand and palms backing it.

Miles of deserted beaches and great waters for surfing are to be found at Malpais also. A few luxury lodges and also surf camps offer the tourists their temporary homes. Heading farther down the road, even less crowded places will enchant the tourist, such as Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa.

Lots of stunning beaches are spread on the coastline south of Limon. In this area, the Cahuita National Park is a great place for camping where tourists will wake up to the sounds of monkeys. Further down the coast, Manzanillo is another great place for visiting, a protected area with coral reefs and tropical rainforests.

In the center of the Costa Rican Pacific coast, Jaco Beach offers a great time to surfers, but to other tourists as well. The nightlife is very active, there are many excellent international dining options and casinos can be tried out. The price range is quite large, so everybody can find accommodations according to their preferences and budget.

Wonderful waters, enchanting flora and fauna and nice people will lure tourists to continue returning to enjoy Costa Rica. From sunbathing and swimming to surfing and hiking, relaxing and adventure – Costa Rica’s beaches have something for everyone!

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