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"Costa Rica represents only 0.3% of the planet surface, 5% of the animal and flower species are found in Costa Rica."
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Considering a Real Estate Investment in Honduras?

Dec 07, 2012

Considering a Real Estate Investment in Honduras?

When you're considering a long-term move to a foreign country, Honduras may not be at the top of your list. In fact, perhaps you didn't even consider Honduras as an option! With 700 km's of Caribbean shoreline, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, incredibly friendly people and affordability, Honduras is absolutely a viable option for residency - either retirement or otherwise. But the Caribbean shouldn't be the only area of Honduras you consider settling down in. The central area of the country offers comfortable year-round temperatures and incredible affordability. For instance, a home in Villa Elena, a gated community near the capital city of Tegucigalpa, can start at $200,000.00 for a three-bedroom chalet perched on the mountainside.

It's Easy to Buy Real Estate in Honduras

Purchasing property in Honduras is a reasonably easy procedure, but, just like anywhere else in the world, it's important to use a real estate professional and lawyer. You want to ensure all your ducks are in a row and, among many other details, ensure that the Real Estate Property Taxes have been paid.

Restrictions when Buying in Honduras

It's important to know that if you are considering a land purchase in Honduras, that you can only buy up to three quarters of an acre and that there must be a building on that land within three years of purchase. In addition, restrictions are in place if you are looking at purchasing within 40 km's of either coastline (Pacific or Caribbean) or near the border of Guatemala, El Salvador or Nicaragua. To avoid these restrictions and own more land, you may form a Honduran corporation. A local attorney is able to complete the legal work, entitling you to all the rights of a Honduran resident referencing the ownership of your property.

A Mainland Mecca for Real Estate in Honduras

While the Bay Islands - particularly Roatan - get a lot of attention, colonial charm, rich history and a laid back vibe are already waiting for you in Trujillo on the mainland. Located three hours by car from the airport in La Ceiba, Trujillo is a bit off the beaten path - but well worth the trip! Beautiful countryside, lush treed mountains and small villages full of smiling locals make the three hour trek that much more enjoyable, and then the destination of wide, white beaches, stretching down to the warm, blue waters of the Caribbean remind you that this is what paradise looks like. The peninsula of Cabo de Honduras culminates in Puerto Castilla, one of Honduras' modern ports, a possible stepping-stone in assisting Trujillo to become a hotspot in Honduras. There is limited population outside of town, which means affordable real estate opportunities, and the Honduran government has began funneling restoration money into Trujillo - obvious in the renovation of the Fortress of Santa Barbara. Furthermore, the small local airport may only receive private planes for now, but as this area in Honduras begins to boom, the infrastructure is in place to open up for larger air service.

As a country, Honduras has a lot to offer to vacationers and long-term residents alike. Aside from being beautifully tropical and affordable, Honduras makes it easy for foreigners looking to purchase a home or land. Perhaps Honduras will now make your short-list for a visit or even residence!

Why not come and experience Honduras yourself on one of our Discovery Weekends?! Paul and Lucia, the developers of Caribbean Lots, would love to show you the incredible beachfront lots they have available, in addition to all the beauty Honduras' mainland has to offer. Go HERE now to contact them and see how to book your Discovery Weekend!

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