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"Costa Rica has 112 volcanoes although only 6 of them are active."
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Activities Abound in Honduras

Dec 10, 2012

Activities Abound in Honduras

Honduras offers an incredibly diverse array of activities for visitors or residents to enjoy, from the most vigorous to the extremely relaxing. Here, we will showcase some of the more popular activities from both ends of the spectrum:

Activities for the Adventurer 

Extreme activities for the adventurer are available all over Honduras offering visitors plenty of opportunities to pump up their adrenaline! 

Whitewater Rafting – Some of the best whitewater rafting in Central America can be done in La Ceiba, Honduras on the Cangrejal River. A mere 45 minutes from downtown La Ceiba – located on the Caribbean coast – the river offers class 2, 3 and 4 rapids with plenty of drops, waterfalls and narrow passages.

Scuba Diving – The crystalline waters and pristine coral reefs of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System on the Bay Islands – 49 km’s from the mainland of Honduras – are second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Explore underwater shipwrecks, swim with over 300 species of tropical fish or simply admire the colorful coral and warm waters.

Canopy Touring – Try canopy touring: a series of cables are fixed from the trees and, while attached to a pulley and wearing a harness, you can ‘fly’ through the canopy of the rainforest. Honduras has several areas you can try this fun activity including Copan, Roatan on the Bay Islands and La Ceiba, to name a few.

Hiking – There are a variety of hiking locations in Honduras, all offering different scenery and wildlife, and for all ranges of expertise. Pico Bonito National Park has trails that take only 3 hours to complete and showcase plenty of rivers, waterfalls and wildlife. Celaque National Park is where Pico Celaque, Honduras’ highest peak, is located. Incredible cloud forest, refreshing air and beautiful orchids and vines all make the tough trek worth it. The Mosquito Coast is located on Honduras’ east side and offers the most seasoned hikers a challenge! Be sure to schedule and pack for an 8-hour voyage through forests, beaches and swamps.

Horseback Riding – If you choose to tour by horseback in Honduras, you have your pick of venturing through jungle trails, along spectacular coastlines, up mountain paths and through wetlands or national parks.

Cuyamel Caves – Why not try your hand at spelunking in the Cuyamel Caves, located near Trujillo. The caves have been used by a variety of ethnic groups since pre-Colombian times. Hiring a guide is a necessity, as the caves are hard to locate, but well worth seeking out.

Activities for the Relax-Minded 

Just because you’re not into “extreme” activities, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out and explore Honduras! There are many activity options for those looking for a more laid-back experience while learning about the culture and taking in all this beautiful country has to offer. 

Hot Springs – There are several locations throughout Honduras that you can enjoy hot springs, including Copan and La Ceiba. Temperatures range from semi-scalding to something more the equivalent to a warm bath.

Lake Yojoa – Explore Lake Yojoa in the western part of Honduras. Offering some of the best bass fishing in the world, it’s a fisherman’s paradise. It also boasts almost 400 species of birds, making it an ideal location for bird-watching enthusiasts.

Copan – The Copan Ruins Archaeological Park is a premier remaining testament to the culture of the Mayan Indians. Some of the key areas of the ruins to see are the superb Acropolis, the Great Plaza and the Court of the Hieroglyphic Stairway.

Tegucigalpa – The capital city of Honduras contains an abundance of shopping opportunities, museums, cathedrals and places of interest. Not to mention restaurants and cafes to suit everyone’s tastes.

Boat Tour – The winding canals of the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge, just outside of La Ceiba provides a habitat for copious amounts of animal species including monkeys, alligators, manatees and dozens of water birds.

Honduras has activities to offer visitors and residents alike, whether your interests include adventure or you prefer to be more low-key, it’s possible to find something to please any taste. Of course, we haven’t mentioned the obvious ways to pass time… lounging with a good book on a chaise lounge, the warm sun kissing your body and the sound of gentle waves hitting the sandy beach or enjoying happy hour with your spouse or friends, watching the sun melt into the horizon while your friendly server brings you a snack of fresh seafood. There truly is a pastime for everyone in Honduras.

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