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"Costa Rica does not have an army, the constitution prohibits it! Just local police are present."
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Moving Overseas? Trust Your Intuition

Moving Overseas? Trust Your Intuition

Real estate numbers? Climate graphs? Cost of Living? All very important aspects when conducting your search for a prime location to live out your days in paradise. But don’t forget about that feeling… you know the one – that feeling lurking in the pit of your belly, your gut instinct.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement and glamour of buying real estate in a faraway land. Especially one that includes warm temperatures year around!



But don’t forget why you’re dreaming. If it’s because you want a warm, affordable place to retire later on in life, then try to keep that focus.

No matter your age, cost of living is going to be a main factor in choosing a destination. But think of yourself in 20, 30 or even 40 years from now. No doubt accessible and affordable healthcare will top your list – but it’s easy to put it on the backburner when you’re in your 30’s or 40’s and healthy.

Instead, you dream about the hot weather, warm water and lounging about waiting for another spectacular sunset. All the while enjoying cold bevies with new friends at the local beach bar. After all, this is what your vacations consist of, right?

But the next thing you know, life happens. And as you know, real life and vacation life are far from synonymous.

Remember that beach bar you used to love hanging out by, chatting with new people and enjoying cold bevies? Well, now that you’re living in paradise, that scene gets boring after a few days. And those cold bevies? Well, sipping on them every day can have drastic consequences on your waistline!

That beautiful sunset that happens every day is just as beautiful from a home or condo perched on the side of a mountain as it is on the beach. The bonus is that you won’t have to have a shower and shake all your belongings out before going back in the house. Beach sand can get into places you didn’t even know existed! Not to mention the bugs that can be attracted to beach areas and the hot, humid temperatures.

It’s not that you still can’t enjoy a beach vacation now and then. Heck, chances are, it’s easier to plan a fun-in-the-sun vacation now then it was when you were back home! No long flights or worrying about your pipes freezing while you’re away. Instead, maybe a car or bus ride to a resort you’ve had dinner at before to enjoy a long weekend by the water.

For many mature expats, living in or near a city or town centre is key. Not only for the medical aspect we mentioned earlier, but also to keep busy, be involved and form friendships.

And this may be what ends up clinching the deal for many. Being a part of a community.

It’s very likely your young, inexperienced self was thinking more about those beach bars then becoming a part of a local community. And, quite frankly, once you’ve actually lived in a location for an extended period, you really won’t know what clinches it for you. But chances are… conversing, dining and relaxing with other like-minded people will make living in a new country that much more comfortable.

So remember, when you’re considering a location for your retirement and you’ve looked into all the easy stuff – cost of living, beach or mountains, health care, etc – take that extra step. Position yourself in the town centre and listen to your intuition. If you find a big smile spreading across your face as you think about the locals and expats living there, chances are, you’ve found your home.

One of the best ways to learn whether or not you'll fit into a new community is to visit! Check out our Discovery Weekends to learn more...

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